Worthwhile Changes to Experience on Apple iOS 9

For the last 8 years Apple is consistently surprising its users with great refinements. This year it has made some major updates and improvements to make your gadget look better and work faster. Well, this year here are the vital aspects to look upon-



Design Alterations

To polish the iOS 9 little bit, there are few changes in the design. Default font has now been changed from Helvetica Neue to San Francisco. Additionally, app switcher has been redesigned to look as vertical Safari tabs that look like a deck of cards. Usually, there was something that an Apple user was eagerly waiting for- Back Button and you will be glad to know that iOS 9 has back button.

Proactive Assistance

Apple has facilitated many features in iOS 9. Proactive Assistance helps you throughout to work faster. Be it Calendar, Mail, Contact Suggestions, Playlist or Photos, it suggests you depending on your past activities on the respective feature.


Performance Optimization

It is an exciting news that iOS 9 is supposed to provide extra battery backup. Whenever you phone beeps less than 20 percent battery it will ask you to switch to low power mode. So with this addition, you get a solid power back up.

Content Blockers

This is most buzzing feature added to iOS 9. Once you download an app, just go to app settings and turn on content blocker. In case this breaks a website then you can long press on reload button to open the website without blocking the content.


In spite of word search, Apple is using the word Spotlight. No matter whether you search for sports, weather forecast or stock news, Spotlight works efficiently. On an additional note, if you are looking for a contact name then you do not need to go to address book, Spotlight allows you to access it directly from search results.


Gone are the days for Newsstand. Now, you can customize the News app and get the content of your own interests. After launching News app, choose the topics and news stories to tailor made as per your choices. Once you are done with it you will get a feed of your interested topics in the app and Spotlight.


iPad Multitasking

Multitasking is the need of the hour. So, iOS 9 has come up with Slide Over and Split View features. Slide Over lets you to open an app over the other without closing the previous one which means that you can check your texts and mails while you are doing something else. On the other hand, Split View lets you work on two applications together. You can copy and paste the available content on two apps while browsing the web or checking your mails.


The keyboard has also been upgraded. Quick Type shortcuts on iPad allow you to copy and paste the text.


On Maps there are many routes available, you may opt out of several itineraries. Maps app also shows where exactly the exits of stations are. It has accurate data, looks great and works very well with address book and Apple Watch as well.



Now make your checklists, entrench your pictures, add links and draw sketches on Notes app. It is no longer a text only app. It has been incorporated with operating system and is now a rich text editor.


Apple Pay

iOS 9 introduces some good features to Apple Pay app. Save your rewards cards on Wallet app. With some interesting features on this app, it will make you habitual to use it every time whenever you have to pay a bill or shop.


Move to iOS

Along with the release of iOS 9, Apple is launching an Android app. Move to iOS feature transfers your data from Android phone to your iPhone. This app will be available very soon and is designed meticulously to work with iOS 9.



To get your device more secured, iOS now asks you a 6-digit password by default. However, if you have bought a second iOS device while using one already then iOS will show a code temporarily on your old device. You can sign in on your new device after entering that code.


These refinements impulse me to use it and now I am just so excited about experimenting the new features and going to use iOS 9 very soon. Have you got impulse yet or not?

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