World Health Organization Declares Sierra Leone Free of Ebola

WHO said Saturday the country had passed 42 days without a new case. Roughly 3,600 died in Sierra Leone in the 17 months the disease was actively spreading there.




Sierra Leone is now officially ebola free. Congrats to all Sierra Leoneans for this victory. It has been a long hard test. Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad has seen a lot of challenges such as discrimination, isolation, the calling of people ‘ebola’ as a means of identification, and so much more, but nevertheless, that’s part of life. After the eleven year war that left hundreds of thousands of people dead and over two millions of people displaced, and now to the ebola disease that left tens of thousands of people dead and left unimaginable amount of children as orphans, we Sierra Leoneans still have the same hope as before, which is a better Sierra Leone for all. In God we trust

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