Unveiling the Best Windows Yet – Welcome to Windows 10 World Free Upgrade

The latest Windows is free for most of the people offering exclusive apps and features.

What It Is?

In late 2014, Microsoft unveiled the preview of next Windows operating system. Microsoft said that mobile and cloud computing are the key points of Windows 10. The new operating system is enterprise friendly, best for keyboard and mouse users and also suitably optimized for the touch. Microsoft says that it is built on the fundamental of ‘One product family, one platform, one store’. Windows 10 is the most beta tested product ever released. Before its launch it was tested by 4 million people over worldwide.

However, it does not make it the perfect. There are some flaws as well such as privacy issues, the forced updates, new Start menu, Control Panel app and Settings app. Hopefully, these would not be the issues for most of the people and they will love upgrading it.

What’s New?

Start menu is there. Windows Software, Windows Apps, Modern UI apps, Metro Apps are right back. Start menu has been improved and it makes Windows apps useful. At left you will get to see a list of maximum used apps as earlier in Windows 7. At bottom, you would see a shortcut ‘All Apps’, shortcut to Settings, File Explorer and shut down and standby.

Retaining the functionality Start screen over right of Windows 8, Windows 10 has resizable live tiles to check the unread mail or calendar appointments. Start menu is customization as you can resize it, rearrange it, create a group and can revert to start screen of Windows 8. Full screen start menu is meant for tablet use to make more sense but it is also accessible on a PC or laptop without using touch pad if you wish. Not only shortcuts but also you can pin tiles for specific functions or features.

Search and Cortana

Search box has been placed at front and centre on Taskbar so that you can easily search a specific file.
Your first click on box will make you see Cortana. In Windows 10, search and Cortana are same up to an extent. Using Cortana you can easily reach your targeted search either by typing or talking.

In minute of sticking to search, type a single word and Windows will get back with matching apps, settings and files in the Windows store along with the list of web results.

It will show you the top stories, will help in identifying the music playing and daily glance on your routine, meetings, daily commute and weather information etc. Following your permission, Cortana access the information from mails, such as a reminder of payment, delay of flights etc.

Additionally, if Cortana cannot answer a question quickly then a new Edge browser will be launched displaying the search results.

Cortana is great and worth upgrading Windows 10. If you exactly happen to know the capabilities you will surely get the productivity.
Windows 10 use your recently files and folders automatically so that you can easily access a file and it implies that you do not need to sort your items as ‘last modified’.

Task View, Virtual Desktops, ALT-TAB

An unfamiliar icon will be displayed to the right of search box. Clicking it will open Task View. It is simila to task shuffling function as Alt+Tab. It will be the same shortcut for tab shuffling and Win+Tab will show you the Task View in Windows 10.

Along screen’s bottom and beneath the thumbnails there is a new bar displaying virtual desktops. In Windows 10, you can create virtual desktops nd it is damn easy. Add desktop button and add the apps that you want to launch.

After creating virtual desktops you can flip between these using the keys Ctrl+Win+left cursor or Ctrl+Win+right cursor. It is pretty much easier than using Alt+Tab.

Snap Assist and Windowed Apps

In Windows 10, you can snap fours apps per screen implying that each occupies quarter. Snap Assist app displays Alt+Tab view of rest of the opened apps so that you quickly fill the whole screen.


Along with pop ups for notification, the notifications would appear at the right corner of bottom. Buttons at the bottom bar include the options to turn on the tablet and desktop mode, battery, brightness, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, location, lock, flight mode and many more. You can resize it by collapsing or expanding as you want to.



Microsoft Edge- It is a new browser that lets you focus on the content.

Windows Media Centre – This was the default media player in Windows 7 or Windows 8. Windows 10 skipped it to optical drives for playing music and video.

Music, Movies & TV – This app allows you to buy or rent videos from Microsoft Store. However, it lacks streaming service as compared to Apple and Amazon. This app has three segments- Movies, TV and Videos.

Photos – It is similar to Windows 8 users. Along with decent view of the pictures, it permits the uses to edit photo and pull in from you drive.

Skype – To surprise of many users, Skype is not pre-installed although it is now owned by Microsoft. Nonetheless you can download it from the store for free.

Mail+ Calendar – Mail and Calendar apps are bundled with Windows RT. It is a clean looking app and you can add multiple accounts such as outlook.com, Google, iCloud and Exchange.

One Note– It is powerful app to hep you make notes in the form of text, lists, images, maps and much more.

Maps – It has also been improved. It has added Streetside so that you can take virtual tours of different places and get the directions and find places of your preference. In terms of direction, you can choose between walking, driving or public carriers.


The Ugly Side

Settings/ Control Panel – New Settings app is great and simple to use. It was anticipated to replace control panel. But in Windows 10, both exist and seem to be confusing the users. The features of Control Panel could have been migrated to Settings app.

Forced Updates – Like always, Windows 10 will also continue to have regular updates. Earlier updates were not mandatory and you could turn off the updates. But this time it is mandatory.

Privacy – Cortana is unambiguously the best feature but it need to access the user’s personal data such as e-mails, location etc. Additionally, One Drive integrates your files that are accessed from computer, tablet or phone.

However, you can alter the settings to protect you privacy. In order to do this, you can go to Settings app, move to Privacy and switch all the settings that you do not want to share. You may also disable Crotona and not use OneDrive. You can also use a local account declining the Microsoft account. If you are using Microsoft Edge then you edit the privacy options online to prevent from tracking and personalized ads.

The Verdict
Windows 10 is absolutely free for majority of home users. Plus there are so many features to try on. So, I personally do not get a reason not to upgrade. I affirm that there are many features of Windows 7 or Windows 8 to which we are really addicted to. But trust me this upgrade is certainly worth it.

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