WhatsApp Payments UK

WhatsApp which is one of the top and most popular messaging app in UK is now planning to launch its payment services also. This payment service to be named as WhatsApp Payments or simply WhatsApp pay. WhatsApp pay is already being tested for last few months in India. This service is currently tested on about 1 Million users of India and is about to roll out in sometime.

With successful testing in India, the company has decided to launch this service in UK also. With this service, WhatsApp users of UK will be easily able to transfer money through their smartphones instantly. Once WhatsApp pay will be launched in UK, it will give a tough competition to other popular money transfer apps like PayPal, Google pay and Monzo.

News are around that the WhatsApp pay will work on Peer-to-Peer payment system.

After the launch of WhatsApp in 2009 and its overtake by Facebook in 2014, it has gone through many changes. From initial services of sending only messages, it can now be used to send videos, to make video calls, for sharing maps locations and lot more. And the launch of the new payment service especially for UK customers will be another milestone for it.

WhatsApp is like a must use app in everyone’s mobile in UK and this new payment feature will definitely going to attract more customers.

Unlike India, where WhatsApp is initially available only to few people, the company is planning to launch this feature at its full in UK and will provide the service to all WhatsApp users of UK

Revenue from WhatsApp Pay

Apart from Google and Apple which already have their payment apps, many telecom companies are also launching their payments apps targeting to UK customers. Facebook which purchase WhatsApp at a whopping price of £15 billion has been failed so far to generate any revenue from it since they are not using ads like on Facebook. So they will be looking at WhatsApp pay as a source of revenue and UK will be a good market to target at since around 60% mobile users in UK have WhatsApp on their phones.

When WhatsApp pay will be launched in UK?

The exact date of the launch of WhatsApp pay is not known and so far there is not any official confirmation about from the Company about the launch date of this feature. But according to some sources, as WhatsApp pay is about to be roll out in the Indian market in few days, so we can expect the company to launch it soon in the UK also.

WhatsApp pay will relatively be easy to use as compared to other money transfer apps like Google pay and Apple pay, so there are strong chances that will be a good competitor to these already existing big names.

London to be payment Hub for WhatsApp Pay

After starting the beta testing of WhatApp Pay among 1 millions users of India in the start of this year and its huge success; Facebook has already announced that the, London will be the payment Hub for this new payment feature. The company has already started the recruitment of about 100 people for the development and launch of this feature not only in UK but globally also.

According to Facebook the reason for choosing UK over USA, for making its base for this feature is that, the popularity of WhatsApp in UK is much more than USA