WhatsApp Payments Launch Date in India

Due to Data processing compliance issues, the launch of WhatsApp payments for India has been stuck up in the middle.

A report says that, the data processing compliance issues may delay the official launch of WhatsApp payments which is under testing phase in India since last year. These concerns are expressed by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and central Govt. The main concers are for the current data processing regulations of WhatsApp pay, according to which the data is stored outside the India i.e in foreign storage systems. The RBI wants that, the WhatsApp pay data must be stored in Indian storage systems and data must be removed from foreign country storage systems.

The full roll out of WhatsApp pay feature was expected in September-October this year, but due these Data processing compliance, the launch has been delayed. Although exact launch data of WhatsApp payments has not be revealed yet, but now it is expected to be roll-out till December this year or January next month.

CEO of National Payments Corporation of India, Dilip Asbe says, the compliance issues will be resolved by WhatsApp in next 2 months. So we may expect its launch within 3 months.

Aimed at providing end-to-end communication cycle between small businesses and customers, WhatsApp announced to launch this WhatsApp pay feature last year and started its testing face among 1 million users of India. But since its announcement of launching this payment transfer service, it has faced many issues. So we expect WhatsApp to sort out all these issues soon and launch the service for almost 400 million WhatsApp users of India.

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