WhatsApp Pay Cashback Offers/ Promo & Coupon Code

Whatsapp is the most used instant messaging app in the world. Now WhatsApp is on the way to launch a payment service in India also, after its payment service already running in many other countries like USA, UK etc. WhatsApp payment functionality has already made its debut in India, but for now it is only limited to testing. The company had tested payment service last year with over one million customers, but it could not be started due to some approval reasons.

But now this Facebook pay feature is fully ready to be launched and is expected to be available its full version very soon. WhatsApp Payment will be as easy as sending a message and will be launched in India by the end of this year. Giving information, the company head in India said that WhatsApp Payment has been successfully launched on UPI and is preparing to expand it.

What is Whatsapp Pay?

If you are fed up of always having to carry your credit card with you or remembering your account data each time, then in such situation the best solution for you is WhatsApp pay which is a free mobile application that allows you to send money to the contacts of your phone book, to pay in physical stores and in e-commerce shopping sites and also to recharge up your phone fastly. In addition to this WhatsApp pay feature allows you to choose between multiple solutions for both individuals and companies.

WhatsApp/Facebook Pay Promos and Coupon Codes

Like any other online money transfer app, WhatsApp pay offers lots of discounts, offers and Coupons to use for your transactions through this app. Here at this page, we will give you detailed information about the Offers, Promos and Coupons Codes to use at WhatsApp pay.

To lose more precious time during your online payments, but also at physical stores, to recharge your phone more quickly or to send money to your friends in a more secure way, use the Whatsapp pay and search here on Coupon and promo Code that allow you to save on transaction costs.

What is a Whatsapp Pay Promo/Coupon code?

This is a code composed of letters and numbers which, once applied to the cart, will allow you to take advantage of a discount on your purchase of a fixed amount or percentage.

Where can I find the discount codes for WhatsApp Pay?

In this page we will list all the discount and promo codes which are regularly updated and verified. What you need to do is just, take one of those currently available.

How to insert a Coupon code on WhatsApp Pay?

You must enter the Coupon/promo code directly while making transactions or payment through WhatsApp pay before you finalize your purchase. The box in which to enter the code is normally mentioned as a promotional code, discount code, coupon code, voucher or discount voucher.

How do the discount codes for WhatsApp pay work?

After entering the code in the appropriate box on WhatsApp pay, you will see the cart amount updated with the new discount applied. If the code does not work or the cart amount does not update, you must check the terms applied by the retailer on the code you are using, there may be limitations on the minimum amount to be reached to receive the discount or the exclusion of some products.

What are the features of WhatsApp pay Coupon Codes?

  • With the help of these Coupon codes, the users will be able able to enjoy a much lower price for the product they wanted to purchase.
  • Depending upon the case, the coupon code of WhatsApp pay can be fixed or in percentage form.
  • In this second case, it is destined to increase in step with the amount spent on an e-shop.
  • Some coupon or offers by WhatsApp pay, will offer free shipping of the purchase item.
  • Some coupon codes will not give discounts on first or current purchase, but they guarantee you a discount on the future purchases.
  • Finally some coupon codes at Whatapp Pay, gives the users, the right to receive a gift.

Whatsapp Pay Cashback Offers?

In addition to the active offers and promo codes on this page, there is a great offer at Whatapp Pay i.e the Cashback option. With the Cashback offer, you will receive a percentage of the expenses made credited back to your App once payment with Whatsapp Pay has been completed.

In other words, the cashback is one of the interesting features offered by Whatsapp Pay. Which simple means To give back some money for your transactions or purchasings. Any affiliated merchant can choose to promote their own product on a given day through cashback, choosing the percentage they want.

Take an example that you want to buy a mobile phone from one of the companies which accepts payments through WhatsApp pay and is affiliated to it and on that day there is 30% cashback. Then after you make the full payment for mobile, you will be given a cashback of the 30% of full amount of the mobile.

Advantages of making payments with Whatsapp pay?


  • With WhatsApp pay you can make your payments simple, fast and secure. You can Pay in stores including restaurants, hotels and many others.
  • Send money to your contacts.
  • Can do online shopping and make donations for the association you want.

Pay Bills online Using Facebook pay?

In addition to making payments at restrautns and hotels, the biggest plus of WhatApp pay is that, it can used to pay your all kinds of bills instantly at just one click. Using WhatsApp pay, you can pay your electricity bill, Water bills, recharge your mobiles or DTH recharges, Book a movie ticket, Railway ticket and lots more.

Whatsapp pay Security

With WhatApp pay the security of every transaction made and the privacy of sensitive or personal data are guaranteed by cryptographic systems. The specialized team constantly checks the protection of WhatsApp pay systems.