WhatsApp Pay India – How to Get & Use Facebook Payments


Social media company Facebook is soon planning launch its new payment service in India. Facebook owned WhatsApp Launched a beta version of this payment service in India last year. Earlier the Indian Government imposed some ban on this payment service due to some data security concerns, but now the company has completed its preparations and this payment service is on its way to be launched very soon in India. For Over 300 million users of India, Whatapp has planned to launch this Peer-to-Peer payment service at the end of this year in India.

As we know that whatsapp is the most famous social app in the world, which is known for its various features apart from just send messaging over mobile phones. Recently, whatsapp has added a new feature known as whatsapp payment feature.

On WhatsApp by using this new payment feature, users can now transfer money to their friends or relatives, in addition to sending messages, videos and audios. The testing of this whatsapp payment feature has been running for a long time, infact this feature is being testing in India since year 2018 among 1 million users.

Now the testing of WhatsApp payment feature is in its final stage. In Feburary 2019, WhatsApp announced that the whatsapp payment feature will be released at the end of this year for Indian users. The number of WhatsApp users in India is about 300 million and keeping in mind this figure, the company is targeting the Indian market and said they wants that sending money from its platform is as easy as sending messages.

Here we want to tell our readers that whatsapp payments feature is based on UPI which is Unified Payment Interface and is known as to be very secure. UPI is governed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and using this you can send money directly to any bank account. And for sending money through UPI, there is no need of any digital wallet or any debit card/Credit Card.

Whatsapp payments india launch Date

The exact date of Whatapp pay launch has not been revealed yet, but it is expected to be launched at the end of this year…Read More

Competition to Paytm and Google Pay

When WhatsApp payment service will be launched, then it will compete with companies like Paytm, PhonePe and Google Pay. However, WhatsApp can become the biggest game changer in India for the simple reason that it has the potential to become the top player in the digital payments sector because of its large user base… Read More

What is UPI?

By the help of Unified Payment Interface, it is possible to send money to any bank account which is linked to it. Not only this, it is also possible to send money to any foreign accounts of your friends or relatives. WhatsApp payment feature will also use this UPI service. With the help of WhatsApp payment service, users can send money to any other Whatsapp user instantly. Since WhatsApp payment feature is in its initial stage of launching, so currently it supports few of the top banks of India like HDFC, ICICI and Axis Banks. But it is sure that, in near future more banks will be added into the list of supported banks of WhatsApp payment.

Points to remember while using WhatsApp pay

  • Some things need to be taken care of, before starting using WhatsApp payment service.
  • Before using the WhatsApp payment service, both sender and receive need to have updated version of WhatsApp.
  • Both sender receiver should have WhatsApp app payment option.Mobile numbers of sender and receiver should be same as the number linked to the bank account.

How to get WhatsApp Pay feature

  • To get the WhatsApp UPI payment feature, first you need to ask your friend Who is using WhatsApp payment feature to send a request to you.
  • After he sends a request, you will get a notification which required you to set up WhatsApp UPI account.
  • After getting the invitation from your friend, you can set up the WhatsApp payment feature using below steps.

How to activate and Set up WhatsApp payments UPI

  • As mentioned above the first requirement of using WhatsApp is to have the update version of WhatsApp. ie. first of all you have to update WhatsApp pay from google play store.Visit Setting options after opening WhatsApp and thereafter tap on the Payment Option.
  • Mobile number verificiation is required after clicking the Payment option.
  • You can verify your mobile number after selecting the verify via SMS option.
  • The next option you will see after verifying mobile number is, the selection of Bank.
  • Select your bank in which you have an account. Here currently you can choose Axis, HDFC and ICICI bank.
  • Then you have to enter the details of your bank account and then select the account.
  • Now you are moved to your linked bank account page and your WhatsApp payment set up is completedand you are ready to send money to anyone.

How to send money from whatsapp payments

  • After setting up WhatsApp UPI, open the chat of the person to send money to him.
  • Tap on the icon of the attachment
  • Now Click on the Payment Option
  • Here you need to enter the amount, you want to send that person.
  • Then Click Send.
  • Its done i.e as soon as you Click on send button, the money will be transfer to that person.

How to use Whatsapp Payment on your Android Phone

Here we are going to explain you how to set up WhatsApp payment account on your Android Phone. As explained above WhatsApp payments services is based on UPI with the help of which we can send and receive money to any of our WhatsApp contacts. Follow below steps:

  • Open Updated version of WhatsApp in your Android Phone
  • Click the Payments options by clicking on the WhatsApp Setting option.
  • An option named Add New account is presented there. Select this option
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully and then touch the Accept and continue option.
  • Start the UPI bank account linking process by verifying through text message and following all prompts
  • Now choose the bank account to which you want to send the money and add it.
  • After this your account will be linked with the mobile number that is same as your WhatsApp number.
  • Now you will see the message UPI Setup Complete and you are ready to send or receive money.

How to get Help regarding WhatsApp payment

If you need any help related to payments, then follow the below step:

  • Visit WhatsApp Setting option
  • Then tap Payments Option
  • And now click Help

To get any other help related to your bank account, then you have to contact your bank in which you have your account.

What to do if you unable to add bank account

In case you are not able to see your bank name in the list of WhatsApp payments feature list, then you have to confirm that, if UPI is supported by your bank. See the below steps, if you are getting problems while adding your bank account.

  • Check to confirm that your phone number which is linked to your bank account and your WhatsApp number are identical.
  • Make sure that you select the right bank i.e the bank in which you have account.
  • Check that there is no problem in your internet connection. That your internet connection is working, because this is the basic requirement for any online transaction.
  • If you are trying to connect Non Resident Indian i.e NRI account or a joint account, then it will not be supported. In this case you have to contact your bank.
  • In case of a dual sim mobile phone, you must be sure that the sim with which WhatsApp number is connected, must be selected as the default.

What to do if you are not Unable to send payment?

If the person to whom you wanted to send money through WhatsApp payment has not enabled this feature in his phone, then it will not be possible for you to send money. In this case you will see a message that, the Payments feature is not enabled at your Contact Name end (i.e the person whom you want to see money)

What to do if the person has not received the payment?

If you have transferred money but the person has not received it, then the first thing you have to check is that you have transferred the money to correct contact. In may also happen that, sometimes the money is not transferred immediately and it may take few days to received at your contact. You can check the further information about the payment transfer status by following below steps:

  • Tap Payment Message
  • Visit Help

How do I invite someone to WhatsApp payment?

As you already know, WhatsApp payment is under testing and has not launched to be available for everyone. So before sending payment through WhatsApp pay to anyone, first you have to invite him. You can follow the below steps to invite someone to WhatsApp payment.

  • First you have to check that, the payment option is enabled in your WhatsApp account and you have set up and linked Whatsapp account to the bank account.
  • Now from your list of contacts in WhatsApp, open the contact to whom who want to send invitation
  • Select the Payment option after tapping the attach icon.
  • A Notify page will be shown to you.
  • To invite any of your contact, touch the Notify button.
  • A message will appear at recipient’s end with a request to set up the WhatsApp payment account.
  • When the recipient has set up the amount, he is ready to receive and send money through WhatsApp payment.
  • You will also get notified that your contact has set up the WhatsApp payment option and he can now receive the money from you.

How do I activate WhatsApp payment?

You can now send money or make payments to anyone through WhatsApp Pay. And this money will go directly to their bank account. This feature of WhatsApp works with the UPI System which was launched by Honorable Prime Minister Modi. UPI which stands for Unified Payments Interface is launched by National Payments Corporation of India. As WhatsApp payments feature works with UPI, so you can exchange money with any of your Whatsapp Contact very easily. To send and receive money with WhatsApp Pay to someone, first you have to link your WhatsApp account to your Bank Account.

Can we send money through WhatsApp?

Yes, We can send money through WhatsApp and this is possible through the new feature of WhatsApp which is known as WhatsApp payments. To send money through WhatsApp, the receiver must also have WhatsApp payment feature enabled on his smartphone. Where is the payment option in WhatsApp? To go to the payment option in WhatsApp, Follow below steps:

  • Click three Dots in the top right corner of WhatsApp
  • Then select Setting Option
  • Here you will see the payments options.

Is WhatsApp payment safe?

As WhatsApp payment is supported by UPI which is developed by Indian Govt, so sending money through WhatsApp payment is completely safe. The money you transfer through WhatsApp payment feature to anyone directly goes into their bank account. This money transfer is totally secure due to Multi layer security.

What is WhatsApp invite?

Before sending money to any person through WhatsApp payment, then the receive must also have WhatsApp payment feature enable in this phone. But this feature is not enable in his/her phone, then you have send him an invitation. This is known as WhatsApp invite.

What is payment option in WhatsApp?

As we know WhatsApp is the largest messenger in the World and in India only there are 400 million users of it. Now the WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for Indian users through which they can send and receive money to any one. This new feature is known as WhatsApp payment option.

Is WhatsApp payment available in India?

Whatsapp announced the launch of its knew feature i.e WhatsApp payment feature in 2018 and already started its Beta testing. This testing is going on with 10 million WhatsApp users of India. Although this feature has not been rolled out officially yet, but still it is available to 10 million users of India.

Is WhatsApp free in India?

Earlier WhatsApp used to charge about 51 rupees from Indian users per year. But since its acquiring by Facebook in 2014, it is available totally free in India.