WhatsApp Pay For Pc – Window & iOS

The upcoming payment feature of WhatsApp i.e WhatsApp is due to be launch by the end of this year. Currently the WhatsApp pay is available only for ioS and Android mobile phones, but the company is planning to expand this payment service for other devices including Laptop and Desktop PC. The PC users will be able to use and browse WhatsApp pay service on various browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and lot more.

By making the WhatsApp payments feature available for PC, this service will be accessible to more people and will have broader reach.

As mentioned about the WhatsApp pay for PC will be compatible with many different browsers and any website or online store that supports WhatsApp pay can be paid through it.

Earlier WhatsApp Payments was announced only for Mobiles, but now its functionality has been modified to support Desktop Devices also.

As WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the World and WhatsApp pay has already gained a lot of popularity even before its official roll out. And this addition to support Desktop PC, will surely increase its user base. This service will be available for both Windows as well as iOS computers.

So now WhatsApp Payments can be used to send money not only from your mobile phones, but also through your PC.

WhatsApp Pay Download for PC:

It is easy to Download and install WhatsApp pay on your Windows and MAC. Whatsapp Payments uses UPI to transfer money from one person to other person.

Using WhatsApp pay on your PC, it is possible to send money in just one or two clicks. With the launch of WhatsApp payments for PC, it will definitely grow the use of digital payments in India as it is easy to use. The WhatsApp pay for PC as well as Mobiles is definitely going to be hit.

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