WhatsApp Pay – All about Whatsapp UPI payment

Whatsapp has planned to launch a new payment feature for the Indian users which will allow the users in India to transfer money to their friends or people in their Circle on Whatsapp. This payment feature has not been launched yet and is under beta testing. So the changes in this payment feature are expected regularly.

What is UPI payment?

This new feature of WhatsApp i.e WhatsApp payments will be linked to UPI for transferring bank to bank money. Developed by National Payments Corporation of India, UPI i.e Unified Payment Interface can be used to transfer money to and from all top Indian banks. UPI is also known as the national payment scheme of India which is governed by the Reserve bank of India. Through UPI money can be transferred quickly to and from all major Indian banks. To identify the information of your bank account, WhatsApp will use the phone numbers attached to your bank account.

How to get help with Whatsapp payments

  • You can touch the payment message >> Help, to get answers to any queries regarding the particular transaction.
  • You need to contact the bank you are having your account for any queries or problems regarding your bank account.
  • Visit WhatsApp Settings > tap Payments > Help, if you have any other questions related to payment.

What are issues with Whatsapp payments and how to resolve them

If you are not able to add your bank account then follow these steps:

If your bank is not the list of banks, then you need to confirm whether UPI is supported at your bank account.

Also, check the following points if you are facing difficulties in adding your bank account.

  • You need to check if your phone number which is registered with your bank account and your WhatsApp number are the same. If numbers are different then you need to change the number by contacting your bank.
  • The selected bank account is correct i.e you selected your bank.
  • Check you are able to send and receive text messages
  • Check whether the internet connection is working properly on your phone or not.
  • WhatsApp payment feature will not be able to support joint or Non-Resident Indian account i.e NRI account. So for this, you need to concern with your bank.
  • In Android versions which are lower than 5.0 and are dual SIM, you need to make some setting like this: visit setting > Set SIM as default with your phone number which you are using for WhatsApp

Why you are Unable to send payment through Whatsapp Payment

It is obvious that if the person whom you want to send the payment over ‘WhatsApp payment’ will not be able to receive the payment if the payment feature is not enabled at his WhatsApp number. i.e in able to send the payment to any other person he should have payment feature enabled. In such a case, a Popup message will appear on your mobile screen.

What to do if your Contact hasn’t received the payment via Whatapp payment

  • After you have sent the payment through WhatsApp payment but the person whom you sent the payment not received the payment then the first thing you need to confirm is whether you have sent the payment the right number.
  • Sometimes up to 3-4 working days will take up to deliver the payment. For further queries regarding the payment failures, you can visit payment message > Help.

What to do if Whatsapp Payment wasn’t completed and refund wasn’t received

Although the bank initiates the process of refunding the payment, if the payment is not succesfful usually with in 3-4 working days. And you will be notified with this.

What Payments security features are used by WhatsApp Payment feature

  • All the transactions and payment transfers through the WhatsApp payment feature are secure. Various security measures are taken by the WhatsApp to ensure secure payment transactions.
  • The money will be transferred only if the number attached to your WhatsApp number and the bank account matches. and also if the debit card details given by you are right. 
  • Either ATM PIN or UPI number will be required to be entered by the users before completing the payment.
  • Strict security features are followed by the banks while transferring payments through the WhatsApp payment feature.