How to install & Use Whatsapp on Smartwatch

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging services in the world, not only because its quick and simple to use , but it gives you the opportunity to send message or even call your friends or relatives, no matter in which part of the World they are located. And for this you don’t have to pay high amount as it just costs the internet charges.

Now the latest version of WhatsApp allows you to use WhatsApp not only on your mobile phones, but also to use it on your smartwatches in both Android and ios. Which will be helpful especially when you are not able to use your mobile phones to read the WhatsApp messages or to send them.

How to install WhatsApp for Apple SmarthWatch:

With the help of an App name, WatchChat, you can easily access WhatsApp on your Apple smartwatch and get the notification easily and quickly through the watch tied to your wrist. The WatchChat app has been created by Alexander Nowak. The main features of this app are:

  • You can access chats of all your friends.
  • Can access Group Chats also.
  • Can reply to messages.
  • With the help of integrated keyboard, you can type text
  • Can also dictate your message.

The integrated keyboard of WatchChat app can be found in many languages. There is also a zooming feature to zoom the images by just pinching the screen. With the help of WatchChat app, it is possible to start a new chat and also listening to voice messages. One drawback of this app is that, you can not send voice message.

How to install WhatsApp for Android Smartwatch:

WhatsApp is Not only available for Apple ios smartwatches, but it can used on Android supported smartwatches also and one such example is Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, which is one of the most used smartwatch in the world.

Samsung Galaxy smartwatch has the latest version of Android and it easily supports WhatsApp. You will not be able to download and samsung Galaxy WhatsApp from Google play store of Galaxy store. To install and set up WhatsApp on your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, you have to follow below steps:

To get started, first pair your Galaxy Watch with your smartphone. To do this download the Galaxy Wearable app from Play Store or App Store and access it. After successfully pairing both devices, follow these steps.

The first thing you need to use WhatsApp on your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is to pair the watch with your smartphone which can be done by downloading the Galaxy wearable app from the Google play store. When the pairing has been done, then you need to go on as below:

  • Visit Setting and then Click Manage notification
  • Now you have the activate WhatsApp notification.
  • Now with your smartwatch, connect to your WhatsApp account
  • Then go to the main screen and watch the incoming messages by scrolling to the left.
  • Now you will be able to access and read all incoming messages.

With Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, you can have access to many features like reading, sending editing and deleting your WhatsApp chat message

Now only the users of Samsung Galaxy smartwatch can receive and send WhatsApp messages, but they can also send voice message as well as emojis.

If you carefully read the above steps then you can easily install whatsApp on your Samsung Galaxy or any other Android powered smartwatch.

Features of the WhatsApp Application for Smartwatch

As there are lot of differences in using WhatsApp on your smartphone and on smartwatch, so the developers of these smartwatches as well the WhatsApp have added some features in using this message app on both these devices.

Given the differences in screen and usability of the Smartwatch and the Smartphone, the creators of the famous instant messaging app have made some changes to their functionality and potential.

Get notifications of received messages:
You will receive notification of the received message on the screen of your smartphone, although the notification is only for a small time.

Can Get preview of the incoming message:
On your smartwatch, you can also get a preview of the WhatsApp chat message.

Two ways to replying a message:

The latest smartwatches offers you two different ways to reply to any incoming message.
The first way is to simply reply by writting your message and the send way is to send the voice message through voice commands.

Other Popular Smartwatches for Using WhatsApp:

In addition to Apple and Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, some other popular brands have also launched their smartwatches in the market, which will allow you to use WhatsApp on them:

Sony Smart Watch:

Sony has recently launched a new and very good smartwatch with a beautiful design and lots of features in addition to using WhatsApp. This watch is totally water resistant and has great battery backup of two days which is very good as compared to other smartwatches available in the market. The bright screen of this Sony smart watch allows you to read WhatsApp notifications and messages even when sun is shining at its full. With the help of this smartwatch you can also monitor your sports activity as it will also works as fitness band.

Asus Smartwatch:

Asus smartwatch is another popular smartwatch which offers the facility of using Whatsapp on your wrist. This smartwatch is powered by Qualcomm process and offers very high speed.
Another plus of this smartwatch is that it is compatible with both ios and Android devices and can also be used with your smartphones.

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