WhatsApp will allow a preview of voice messages

The WhatsApp instant messaging application is testing a new feature that allows users to listen to a voice message from the notification menu. WhatsApp already allows its users to preview messages, including messages containing videos and images, within notifications without opening the application.

The preview of the voice messages is very similar to the preview of the WhatsApp messages: it shows the name of the sender and a line of the text sent along with the voice message.

The function is currently in the test phases, but only for iOS users.

The feature was first discovered by WABetaInfo, a website dedicated to the new features of WhatsApp. The tracker posted a tweet with a screenshot of the new feature a few days ago.

WhatsApp is testing another feature that will allow you to edit the multimedia files that you have sent or received in the application. The function is being tested on both platforms, Android and iOS. Like many WhatsApp features in the beta version, the release date of this “Quick Edit” feature is not known.

WABetaInfo, a website that tracks the latest features of WhatsApp, published some screenshots of the feature in development. From these, a new ‘Edit’ button will be introduced next to the ‘Share’ and ‘Favorite’ buttons that will allow you to edit the media.

The ‘Edit’ button gives you the editing tools that are exactly the same as the ones you found just before sending an image to a recipient: you can crop, add text and scribble on the image. The only difference here is that you can now edit the photos you have received or that you have already sent to someone directly from the application.

Until now, if you had to crop or edit an image after receiving it in the application, you would have to open the image in your default image display application or send the image to another person on WhatsApp.

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