Relaxed atmosphere, various drinks, and miniature snacks, music, lighting – everything adds to the festive mood. Cocktail parties are a great opportunity to spend time, to make useful contacts in an informal atmosphere, to get pleasant memories. Of course, to match the event, look attractive, and feel comfortable, we can spend hours choosing designer outfits and luxury handbags for women, but still can’t decide on the image. We share fashion tips that will help you create a stunning image.

Features of cocktail dress code

Such events are usually scheduled after 16:00-17:00 and usually last about 4 hours, can be of different types:

  • Business – more similar to small corporate parties, exhibitions.
  • Classic – various club events, presentations, premieres.
  • Secular – high-level ceremonies, rauts, going to the theater.

It is from the format of the cocktail should depend on the outfit.


This is the first thing that creates the image, so the choice should be taken as seriously as possible. Now luxury online shopping offers a large assortment, but in the seasons 2023-2024, it is better to pay attention to:

  • Floral prints – they will give some romance and “relaxed”.
  • Interesting asymmetry – if earlier the dress code at the event was clearly delineated and assumed a short outfit with open arms, at the latest shows, you can notice the opposite trend. A spectacular outfit is created by outfits with one or different sleeves, versatile hems.
  • Red is the most relevant color for the next season, so it can become an accent color regardless of the design of the clothes.
  • Decor – pay attention to dresses with plumes, in sequins, rhinestones, voluminous ruffles.
  • Open back – of course, such an outfit is not suitable for all types of parties, but the effect will definitely produce.


In the future season, when choosing a luxurious women’s bag, designers suggest giving in to style experimentation, try a combination of different texture materials. In any case, the chosen accessories should be in harmony with the overall image. For a cocktail, a small or even miniature model will be perfect, they will add elegance, ease, and a certain lightness. Clutches of different shapes, with fringe, chains, sequins, or pendants will look interesting.

Shoes for a cocktail party

The best choice for such an event will, of course, be heels. No ballet flats, flip-flops, or sandals will replace them. It is also important to have a heel, it can be a thin stiletto, low stiletto, “kitten heels” or even block, but it is necessary. The color should correspond to the given tone of the outfit, “soft” shading, or bright, accent depending on the image.

Cocktail party – a pleasant event – a time to show yourself in all its glory, especially if previously had to meet with many people in a business format. Nevertheless, selecting the most incredible bow for yourself is better to start from the type of evening, fashion trends, and the appropriate dress code. This will help to become the most attractive and elegant at the party.