What To Know Before Taking Your Dog to the Ren Faire

If you think your dog looks as good as Wishbone in a Robin Hood costume, you may want to consider showing them off at your local Renaissance festival. Wearing costumes is a big part of the fun for many attendees, and people always love seeing pets in costumes. Here’s everything you need to know before taking your dog to the Ren faire.

Check the Faire’s Pet Policy

First and foremost, you should know that not all faires are dog-friendly. By law, these events are only required to admit fully trained service dogs, not pets or emotional support animals. Double-check the rules before you leave to see if you can bring your pup.

Be Prepared for Crowds

If your dog doesn’t love people, they’re going to hate the faire. However, if your dog is social and enjoys being around people, you’ll have a great time. Be prepared to interact with kids who try to pet your dog without asking, and know that some shops may not appreciate you bringing a dog inside, even if the faire allows them. When in doubt, ask.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Every Ren faire is a little different. Some have plenty of trees and covered walkways, while others have no shade whatsoever. It’s a good idea to bring along a portable water bowl for your dog so you can give them plenty of water throughout the day.

Watch Out for Unhealthy Scraps

For a lot of people, part of the Ren faire experience is eating things on sticks. It’s a fun eating option, but the food doesn’t always stay on the stick, which creates easily accessible scraps for hungry dogs. While a morsel of turkey leg probably isn’t a terrible treat, be on the lookout for things like ice cream, chocolate, and other foods that aren’t good for dogs.

Choose an Amazing Outfit

If you’re planning on dressing up for the faire, why not let your dog in on the fun? Find them a cute costume that suits their personality and you’re sure to get some amazing photos. Be sure to take the weather into consideration so your dog doesn’t get overheated. If it’s cold out, a costume can actually keep them warm. Don’t forget to visit a dog groomer before the big day so your dog looks their best!

Pro Tip: Bring Booties for Rainy Days

If it’s going to rain during your trip to the faire, it’s a good idea to bring along some rain booties for your pup. Many festivals have simple dirt paths that get quite muddy when it rains. Booties will keep your dog from tracking all the mud into your vehicle.

We hope you find this list of what to know before taking your dog to the Ren faire helpful. Going to the faire is an exciting experience that everyone—even pets—will love.

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