What To Do When Your Paper Shredder Stops Working

If you’ve ever run into paper shredder issues in the past, you know how frustrating they can be. As frustrating as it is to stop your work, never try to use brute force to keep shredding when you encounter an issue. Instead, take a step back and identify the issue. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do when your paper shredder stops working.

Identify the Cause

The first step to getting your paper shredder working again is to identify the source of the issue. Note whether your paper shredder feels warm or hot to the touch—if so, you may have run it for too long without a break, causing it to overheat.

Check the blades for curled strips of paper or sheets that only made it halfway through the slot. These findings usually indicate that your machine has a jam. Additionally, check your shredder’s paper collection chamber to ensure that it’s not full. Some shredders will automatically shut off when the paper strips start to pile up.

Troubleshoot the Issue

Once you have identified the issue that’s causing your shredder to stall, start troubleshooting the issue and figure out how to fix it. If your shredder has overheated, you may simply need to disconnect it from power and allow it a brief period to rest and cool down. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing a paper jam, try setting it to reverse to remove the jam.

You may also need to disconnect from your power source and remove the jam manually. Refer to the manufacturer’s official website or instruction manual to see if you can identify the issue from a troubleshooting list or forum. If you need replacement parts to fix the problem, call the manufacturer or move on to the next step, which is scheduling repairs.

Schedule Your Shredder for Repairs

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting solutions you can imagine, it may be time to call in the professionals. Schedule your paper shredder with a local repair technician or ship it to the manufacturer for official repairs if they offer that service. For complex issues or jams, you should never try to fix them yourself. Additionally, never try to keep using a shredder that is already damaged or broken—doing so could increase the fire risk or cause injuries in your workplace.

Remember what to do when your paper shredder stops working the next time you encounter an issue. Often, the cause of the problem is something as simple as the shredder jamming or overheating, which is a simple and quick fix.

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