2022 was a year of fun home design trends. The pandemic that swept the world made everyone stay home, so homes became a place to explore creativity. We saw minimalism make a comeback, since people who were home all the time didn’t want as much clutter.

People started using more colour in their homes as well, from decorative throw pillows and rugs to repainting entire rooms. With all that change, what home design trends can we expect in 2023? While we can’t perfectly predict what will continue from this year and what will change, we do have an idea of a few things to expect.

More Wellness and Nature Designs

The pandemic continues to affect our thinking and our lives, reminding us of how important our health and being outside are. This focus on wellness and nature continues to show in our home design trends as well.

People are designing rooms for improved wellness, such as by creating home gyms or leaving open spots in living areas for home workouts. They’re also doing everything they can to bring nature inside, from starting houseplant collections to painting rooms shades of green and blue. As we continue to move forward from the worst of the pandemic, we can expect to see these trends continue. Homeowners are also seeking the assistance of architects and their interior design expertise to bring these wellness and nature-focused design trends to life, and to make sure that they are getting the house and changes of their dreams.

Better Outdoor Spaces

As we mentioned above, the pandemic made us realize how much we love being outside. While bringing natural elements into our homes with plants and colors helps, there’s nothing like the real Sliding doors. The home renovation projects that started in 2021 and 2022 will probably continue into 2023 as people upgrade their outdoor living spaces.

Some people are making small improvements, such as adding full cassette awnings over patios. Others are making larger improvements, such as installing in-ground pools. However you hop on this trend, just know that it shouldn’t be going anywhere next year.

Unique Finishing Touches

More people are starting to realize how pressuring social media can be, especially in how it depicts picture-perfect lives and homes that aren’t realistic. To combat this, people are sharing what their real homes look like, even when they’re raw and imperfect.

This is making people feel more comfortable in their homes, which is leading to an increase in unique, homemade finishing touches. Next year, you’ll probably see more homemade art hanging on the wall, delightfully mismatched chairs around dining tables, and messy bookshelves.

While we can’t perfectly predict what home design trends to expect in 2023, current trends can help us guess what we’ll see next year. Wellness, nature, and outdoor living trends are expected to continue, and personal home details should become commonplace. Start making these changes to your home now if you want to get ahead of the trends.