What Foods to Eat to Stay Safe from Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is stirring up everywhere these days. The effect of the virus has spread to more than 100 countries. People are in panic over this dangerous virus in India also. In such a situation, many kinds of questions are arising in the minds of people about the Coronavirus. Many questions are also being raised about food and drink. In this way, we are going to tell you what to eat, what not to eat, what kind of food to eat to avoid the Coronavirus.

It is being said about the Coronavirus that it succumbs to the weak and the elderly. Therefore, experts say that one should be very careful while eating. Which will keep your immunity strong and increase your ability to fight infection. Experts say that people should use coconut oil in view of Coronavirus. Coconut oil has an acid and crappilic acid, which boosts the immunity system.

To stay safe from Coronavirus you should include foods with high anti viral capabilities into your diet. So that your immuity system will be boost up and you will stay protected from this dangerous virus.

Coconut oil

Because Coconut oil has lauric acid and caprylic acid which are known to boost our immune system, it is advised to replace mustard oil and refined oil from our food with Coconut oil.

Vitamin C

Due to its antioxidant properties Vitamin C helps a lot to improve the immunity system. Many foods which are rich in Vitamin C are amla, red or yellow capsicum, orange, guava and papaya in your daily diet. You can include these Vitamin C enriched foods into your diet to stay safe from Corona.


Most of us will be well aware of the fact that, parabolic rays and fungal infections can be avoided by eating foods like blue berries, strawberries, Cranberries, grapes etc. Eating these fruits also helps us to stay safe from many types of viruses.

Star anise

We know that Star anise are used to change the flavour of food in our daily diet but most of us will not be aware of its anti-viral properties. For the patients which are suffering from influenza virus, star anise can be very effective because it contains Shikimic acid.


Ginger should be part of your food and drinks because of its anti viral properties. Taking it with honey or fenner 2-3 times day will help in increasing our immune sytem.


There are many elements found in basil that will improve our immune system. Take 2-3 black pepper, add 1-2 spoon of honey and take few leaves of basil. Consume these 3 things combined in the morning and see what effect it will have on your immune system in few days.


Garlic is normally used while making vegetables, soup or salad to give them unique flavour. Garlic can not only be used in these things, but it can also be eaten raw which helps in improving our immune system a lot and helps to fight against many viral infections.

What not to eat to avoid Corona:

  • You should avoid certain things in order to stay safe from Coronavirus.
  • Researchers and doctors suggests that we should avoid eating raw things during this time of Corona.
  • Stay away from raw meat. The meat should be consumed only after washing and boiling.
  • Many people who goes to gym prefer to eat raw eggs, but Doctors says that eating raw eggs at this time can be very harmfull for our health.
  • Doctors even advised not to eat green vegetables without washing and properly boiling. Eating raw vegetables can also be dangerous.

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