Narcissists believe they are superior to others and they want others to acknowledge their greatness. Gambling gives them the opportunity to show off their skills. As they are not content with themselves, gambling fulfills their need for external stimulation. They feel entitled, which makes them sure they will win. They have to be the best, and what better way to show this than to be a winner? A win gives them a chance to brag and feel they are the envy of others.

They are confident about their abilities

Narcissists think that they have special qualities that give them influence over events. They are often frighteningly confident in their own abilities. They may believe that they have more knowledge and skills than they actually do. This can make them persist even when they face losses. The fact that the odds are against them won’t put them off when using a gambling app to play at an online casino. They will continue to try to win what they believe they deserve.

They externalize their problems

Even if narcissists routinely lose when gambling, they will come up with all sorts of reasons for this. They interpret situations to support their delusions. A symptom of narcissistic personality disorder is arrogance in attitudes and behavior. They won’t believe their losses have anything to do with their own behavior. This is because they genuinely believe they are superior. If they lose all their funds playing the slot machines, it is not their fault. Nothing is ever their fault.

They have exploitative natures

It’s easy to be fooled by ‘nice’ people with bad intentions. Narcissists are very good at believing that people and the world owe them. Some may be taken in by them, and they feel nothing about exploiting others. They feel justified in trying to gain something for nothing. They may think of gambling as a way to make ‘easy money’. They don’t have to work hard for their money like common folk. Gambling gives them the opportunity to receive rewards for minimal effort.

Gambling offers instant gratification

Narcissists tend to wall off emotions so they aren’t vulnerable to being hurt by others. As they don’t feel the emotions others experience, they may often feel flat. Gambling can give them a dopamine hit and offers instant gratification. They get a buzz from the action and feel an excitement that can be addictive. It will often make them reckless in their pursuit of a win. This can quickly get out of hand and they may end up with a real gambling problem.

They like to show off

Narcissists will be quick to show off their wins and forget all about their losses. The glamorous, cool images of players casinos use are attractive to them. They are into shows of wealth such as gold, luxury cars, and yachts.

Associating themselves with affluence is important to them. They want others to think they are wealthy. Sometimes appearing wealthy is more important to them than actually being wealthy. All the glitz and glamor of gambling helps to reinforce their delusions of grandiosity.

They won’t admit defeat

Casinos benefit from gamblers who aren’t put off by their losses. They will keep on gambling even when their wins are few and far between. This is exactly the kind of behavior that casinos want from gamblers. Conceding defeat isn’t for narcissists and they don’t accept it as a reality. They must win at all costs. This makes them deny the reality that they are losing. Eventually, they are likely to lose more than they can afford and end up in debt.