After Vietnamese War, Nguyet, The Girl Born Without Arms Now Leads A Normal Life While Taking Care Of Her Nephew

U.S. military unconfined Agent Orange into the jungles of Vietnam during the war to destroy the land of forest with the aim of making it lurk and destruction of guerillas of Vietnam. The consequences of Agent Orange were destroying and affected Vietnam adversely. Around 4.8 million people were affected by this chemical thus passing the genetic diseases of hundreds of thousands to their descendants. Hence, Vietnamese people are still living with the sequels of this chemical.

For me, a photographer conveys good messages through his photography and it is a diary for me. I used to travel many places to capture the daily lives of many people around me. In the innumerous pictures of Vietnamese people, this photo album is the one with which I am very much satisfied. I would narrate a story of an enthusiastic girl who is physically disabled but is truly motivational and inspirational.

In the North of Vietnam, there is poor village. In this poor village, a young girl, Nguyet lives here. Like many other people, she also got the sequels of war. She is an armless girl. She performs her daily chores with her legs. She has a dream of having an independent house where she can lead a peaceful life.

Nguyet lives in Vĩnh Phύc Province, Hà Nội capital with her parents. She does all of the daily tasks and also takes care of her nephew and niece while helping her family. In her free time she likes to read books and surfs internet to enhance her knowledge.

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During Vietnam War, U.S. military released a toxic chemical, Agent Orange into jungles of Vietnam thus destroying the land completely


4.8 million Vietnamese were impacted by this chemical and many were passed away


And many of the people are still surviving with the aftereffect of disease due to this chemical


Nguyet is a young girl and one of the millions that got sequel of the war


She is an armless girl


Therefore, she performs her daily tasks with her legs


Nguyet lives in Vĩnh Phύc Province, Hà Nội capital Vietnam with her parents


She does house chores and takes care of her nephew and niece


In her free time, she reads books and surfs internet to gain knowledge


She has a dream of living independently in a small house in the village and leading a peaceful life


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