Topics of the week is a common term and is used by many lottery players frequently. This is a way of playing with a high win rate as well as giving the lotteries many numbers to choose from. Let’s join Hi88 to learn more as well as refer to the most accurate methods of creating a weekday theme.

Explaining the term outline of the week for new players

In fact, this is a set consisting of a lot of 2-digit numbers for players to bet 7 days. In the opinion of some players, the 10-number deck will be the minimum set to be able to play during the week. Of course, they will not come naturally, players must apply the traditional lottery method to be able to create a set of numbers with a high winning rate.

Basically, the rate of play theme of the week  It will be easier to win than traditional experiences like Bach Thu Lo or Double Thu Lo. Anyway, the more numbers placed in the lottery, the probability of explosion will increase a lot. However, this also means that you must control and use capital appropriately so as not to “go bankrupt” before winning.

What is the set of numbers for the whole week?

Some ways to create a very standard outline for new players

Up to now, the famous lotto product has a very high chance of luck, that’s why the term snooping was born. Of course to find theme of the week  undefeated, new players must definitely master this technique. If you do not know how to do it, follow the content below to know how to create it correctly.

Create a set of topics to play during the week according to the first 2 special prizes

First, this is a popular way to use because it is quite easy to do. However, it only applies to the northern lotteries because the special lottery in this area is not only 1. Please keep track of the 1st and 2nd prizes of the results table, then add the first 2 numbers together.

In case the result is tens, how to create theme of the week  just get the unit row number. Then make a touch and create 10 lucky numbers to hit in the next 7 days.

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The method of creating an outline based on the total of last week’s special prizes

In fact, this method is quite simple, but very few people use it and know it. First you need to sum up all the jackpots that came in last week and add them together. Then keep track of the results obtained and see which number is missing in that sequence.

Some methods to create a whole week playing outline for HI88 newbies

Then you take notes and create theme of the week  from those numbers. If you don’t have enough 10 numbers, you can take the wrong lot of each to hit more clamps, surely the explosion rate will be very high. Assuming the result is 1205709, the missing numbers are 3, 4, 6, 8. Let’s make a match to meet them and form a combination to raise in the next 7 days.

Method theme of the week  by tail number and sorted by touch

Contrary to the way of creating by head, there are also some people who do tail search. In addition, the players in the lotteries also apply touch-based sorting to get more options. Suppose if the bridge is to touch 3, the set of 20 numbers for you to search for 10 bet numbers is 03, 13, 31, 23, 32, 33, 34, 43, 35, 53, 36, 63, 37, 73, 38, 83, 39, 93, 30.

Some notes when creating a outline for HI88 beginners

To create theme of the week  and bet at the HI88 bookie effectively, newbies need to note a few important things as follows:

Note when creating theme of the week  for newbies HI88

  • First, you need to correctly access the official address of the HI88 dealer to be able to participate in the online lottery safely.
  • Next, when creating the outline using the methods above, you need to try to keep track of the lottery results table continuously. The more data you collect, the more results theme of the week  obtained with high accuracy.
  • Once you have a set of 10-15 numbers to play within 7 days, the next thing to do is to allocate funds. Make a reasonable bet so that the money always generates a profit and does not lose it in vain.
  • In the lottery, you should not listen to some people who advise you to play quickly. Since the probability of winning is not divided 50/50, using this way of playing you will have a more than 90% chance of “bankruptcy”.

Through the creation instructions theme of the week  of HI88, beginners have mastered methods with high hit rates. In addition we have noted a few important things in the implementation. Good luck to you for the chance to create a set of lucky numbers that make winning the lottery easy.