Are you searching for UCAT Practice Test online? Do you want to know everything about UCAT Practice Test? Well, you’ve come to the right place. UCAT stands for Universal Cognitive Aptitude Test. It is a global aptitude test by Criteria that assesses general cognitive aptitude. For the preparation of the UCAT, different students adopt different methods. One of them is UCAT Practice Test.

UCAT Practice Test is a mock test of the real UCAT exam. It gives you a flavor of the actual UCAT exam. It covers all the sections of a UCAT exam. It helps you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses in the preparation of your UCAT exam. You can focus more on the weak areas and try to perform better in the actual UCAT exam. This article will explore everything you need to know about a UCAT Practice test.

What Is UCAT Exam?

The UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) is an aptitude test used in the admission process by some medical schools/universities. This test evaluates an applicant’s mental aptitudes, numerical skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, empathy, and integrity. It is a 2-hour computer-based admission exam.

It is a computer-based exam that is divided into five sections. These sections are:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Decision Making
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Situational Judgment

The UCAT exam is specifically designed to test aptitude, not academic knowledge. Each section of the UCAT evaluates different aptitudes that a doctor must have. 

It is necessary for students to provide their UCAT scores while applying for medical or dental graduate programs in the UK. You can take this test once a year at your nearest test center. 

Which Universities Use The UCAT Exam As An Admission Test? 

A lot of UK universities and some international universities use UCAT Exam as an admission test. You need to sit the UCAT exam 2023 if you are applying for entry in 2024 or 2025.

Before booking a UCAT test, you must check the entry criteria for each course with the relevant university.

Here is an official list of all the universities that use the UCAT exam as an admission test.

What Is UCAT Practice Test?

UCAT Practice Test is a representative of the actual UCAT exam. It will give you a preview of the actual UCAT exam. It will highlight your strong and weak areas. And provide you with the opportunity to get better for the official exam. You must leverage the UCAT Practice test to boost your UCAT score. UCAT practice test is produced by the UCAT Consortium.

Here are some features of the UCAT practice test:

  • It works as a diagnostic tool and helps you get ready for your official UCAT exam.
  • All five sections of the UCAT exam are covered in it.
  • It is designed to give you a real exam experience. So, it is timed.
  • It provides you with a demonstrative UCAT score.
  • It provides detailed answers and relevant explanations. 
  • You can measure your performance and get better for the real one.
  • This test is set by people who are highly qualified doctors cum UCAT tutors. 

What Are The Contents Of A UCAT Practice Test?

As mentioned earlier, the UCAT practice test is divided into five different sections. Each section contains questions to assess different aptitudes. Here are these sections:

Verbal Reasoning:

This section contains questions to assess your ability to evaluate given information.

Decision Making:

This section’s questions will assess your ability to make decisions and judgments.

Quantitative Reasoning:

Your ability to assess numerical data will be checked in this section.

Abstract Reasoning:

This section will test your perception to find relations among different patterns.

Situational Judgment:

This section contains questions about real-life situations. This section will assess your ability to understand real-life situations and your behavior in such situations.

What Is UCAT Practice Test Format?

The format of a UCAT practice test is the same as the official UCAT exam. It contains 228 questions in total. These questions are from the five sections of the UCAT exam. All these questions are MCQs.

What Is The Duration Of the UCAT Practice Test? 

UCAT practice test is a mock of the real exam. So, the standard timing for the UCAT practice test is 2 hours. To give you a feel of the real exam, following official durations are followed.

UCAT Sections Questions Test Duration
Verbal Reasoning 44 21 mins.
Decision Making 29 31 mins.
Quantitative Reasoning 36 25 mins.
Abstract Reasoning 50 12 mins.
Situational Judgement 69 26 mins.


How Does UCAT Practice Test Scoring System Work?

It works just like the real UCAT test scoring system. Apart from the Situational Judgement, you can score from 300 to 900 in each section. The situational judgment section rewards score in the form of bands. You can get 1 to 4 bands according to your performance.

You get the score within 24 hours of the exam. A score of 2800 or above can get you admission to a medical or dental college.

UCAT Sections Score
Verbal Reasoning 300 – 900
Decision Making 300 – 900
Quantitative Reasoning 300 – 900
Abstract Reasoning 300 – 900
Situational Judgement Bands 1 – 4

Is UCAT Practice Test Free?

Are you looking for free UCAT Practice Tests? Trying to find UCAT questions like the real UCAT exam? Don’t want to pay for a UCAT Question Bank? Click UCAT Practice Test for the best experience.

What Are Some Tips For the UCAT Practice Test?

These tips are valid for both the UCAT practice test as well as the official UCAT exam. Follow these simple tips to boost your score and start your career in medicine. 

  • Create an effective study plan
  • Understand the UCAT test format and question types
  • Practice with official UCAT practice tests and question banks
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Identify patterns and relationships
  • Stay motivated


Now that you have learned almost everything about the UCAT practice test. It is time to understand why the UCAT practice test is important. The answer to this question is very simple. As this test gives you a flavor of the official UCAT exam, it is necessary to take the UCAT practice test. It gets you ready to excel in the official one. You can boost your official UCAT score by taking the UCAT practice test.