Top Tips To Help You Prolong the Lifespan of Your Tires

Out of all the things car owners must do to keep their car running, making sure the tires are in working order is perhaps one of the most vital tasks. Because of this, drivers need to understand how to prolong the lifespan of their tires. Read on to learn more!

Check Your Tire Pressure Monthly

One of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your tires is to check your tire pressure every month. For one, air can leak through the rubber, causing the tire to deflate. Or, if you find yourself going over rough and rocky terrain, you might see that your tires leak air faster than you may have anticipated. In practice, a low-pressure tire can easily snag on sharp rocks and other obstacles on the road, leading to a flat.

Rotate Your Tires if Necessary

Besides checking your tire pressure, rotating your tires is a great way to prolong their lifespan. Tire rotation is essential because tires tend to wear out faster on the car’s front end rather than on the back end. When your tires are wearing unevenly, it can cause you to swerve and lose control of your vehicle when the asphalt catches the worn areas of the tire.

To find out if you need to rotate your tires, you should take your car to a certified mechanic. They can tell you whether it is appropriate to rotate your tires and do it for you at a marginal cost. The mechanic can also check if the wearing on your tires is due to regular use or a more significant potential issue such as needing your ball joints replaced.

Realign Your Tires When You Can

Lastly, realigning your tires is another fantastic way to keep your tires road ready for a long time. When a mechanic realigns your tires, he makes them straight and parallel to the set on the opposite side of the car. When your wheels are not parallel to each other, they can cause your car to vibrate, shake, and even drift left and right. As you can imagine, this is highly detrimental to your safety, so you need to realign your tires whenever it is deemed necessary.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of the top tips to help you prolong the lifespan of your tires. While it may be a chore to check your tires, know that by doing so, you are ensuring your safety and prolonging the lifespan of your tires and your entire vehicle.

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