Top 7 Gaming Gadgets of 2023

If you want to enhance your gaming experience, then gadgets are a must! However, it can be hard to pick out really useful gadgets when there’s so much stuff to choose from on the market. To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of the top seven gaming gadgets of 2022!

A controller for your PC

One of the best gaming gadgets for PC gamers is a controller. Most people prefer an Xbox controller because they can use it for pretty much any game. Why is a controller such a vital gadget, you might be wondering? Well, there are a ton of fantastic games, especially souls-like games, which were ported to PC somewhat roughly. In other words, even though you can play using a mouse and keyboard, the experience is awkward at best. It can be hard to control your character properly, and the camera will sometimes go absolutely wild or get somewhat unwieldy. With a controller, you can connect to your PC, you get all the benefits of the processing power of a computer with the added convenience of being able to play smoothly.

3D headphones

The importance of sound in gaming was never low. The fitting soundtrack can make or break a game, which has been the case ever since video games hit the market. However, the detail and immersion that video game sounds can provide have only grown more intricate. Now, if you have proper 3D headphones that work well, you can literally hear which direction an enemy character is approaching you from in a game. This is practically only possible with headphones, too, since they provide the best possible experience. So, keeping up with the latest headphones developments has become crucial for serious gamers. This is especially true for anyone who wants to play games competitively or professionally since they need every advantage they can get.

A switch

A Nintendo Switch is not exactly the newest gaming system to come out. And yet, it remains one of the best options out there for on-the-move gaming! Especially since its OLED version came out in October of 2021, with its improved screen that provides a much better gaming experience. The versatility of the switch is impressive, too, since you can use it as a handheld console or plug it into a TV or monitor for a much higher resolution screen.

A Switch
A Switch has some impressive hardware specs.

Of course, since it is one of the more expensive gadgets on our list, you probably want to look into home security providers and pick the safest option to protect your home and belongings when you’re out! Make sure to be careful with it when you are on the move, too, if you like gaming outside.

The right mouse

As mentioned above, a controller can give a fantastic experience to games with a few difficult controls and camera options. However, the right mouse can change almost any game from a regular to a tremendous adventure.

To do so, you want to ensure that your mouse is responsive enough. And that it has extra buttons for easier accessibility on the side. You don’t have to worry about fitting all your keybinds on your keyboard and how you’ll reach them in the heat of the game. Instead, having a few key buttons bound to your mouse is much more fun. It can even improve your skills in the game and make it easier for you to pass some of the levels or play competitively. This is why some companies have started branding any mouse with extra keys as a ‘gamer mouse.

Selecting a mouse
You want a mouse that fits your hand well.

A comfy gamer chair

If you’ve ever tried playing games on a regular chair for a long while, you know how uncomfortable things get. You just can’t find a good position, and you are liable to start suffering from back pain. It is an overall bad idea to keep using a regular chair while working at a computer. This means that investing in buying a gaming chair will not be helpful just for your gaming sessions! You can use it in your everyday life, increasing your comfort and even productivity. Which makes gaming chairs one of the few gaming gadgets that are amazing to own whether you actually want to get into gaming or not.

Wi-Fi routers

Wi-Fi routers are some of the smartest gaming gadgets to buy if you enjoy playing online. Most consoles and gaming devices nowadays rely on Wi-Fi to work correctly. However, there are plenty of problems when you rely on just a regular old router for internet access. Your Wi-Fi coverage can be awful, forcing you to confine your online activities to particular rooms. Or your Wi-Fi might barely work at all! This is why you need to purchase mesh Wi-Fi routers, in particular.

They boost the strength of your internet and ensure you can connect properly from any part of your home. Of course, you should first inform yourselves how many you might need to cover your entire home and their ideal placement. You can use, a database of different providers and services, to do that and more.

Steam Deck

The final gaming gadget you should consider getting is a Steam Deck. Steam Deck was released this year as a unique console that links PC and console gaming. It is meant to grant you access to your Steam library of games even on the move. In a way, Steam Deck resembles a Switch.

A Steam Deck
You can enjoy games from your Steam collection on the move!

However, note that it is much bulkier and, therefore, harder to carry around. You’ll definitely want to get some sort of bag to keep it well-protected on the move, too. Still, even with those downsides, Steam Deck is a fantastic gadget that allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games. Just remember to drink enough water while gaming away on it!

Final comment

We hope you found our list of the top seven gaming gadgets of 2022 helpful. We hope you’ll experience many fantastic and unforgettable gaming adventures with them!

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