Tips for Work Zone Safety During Road Construction

Are you being safe working near traffic on the road? Work zone safety during road construction cannot be ignored, or it could pose threats to not only your employees but the drivers on the road as well. Ensure you are keeping the vicinity of the work zone safe by following our advice.

Control Traffic

Without the proper signage on the road, it can be difficult for drivers to pinpoint exactly where the construction is and where they need to slow down to make the road safer. Typically, you should place a “ROAD WORK AHEAD” sign about a mile or two before the construction begins to warn drivers. Any devices or equipment you use to control traffic must comply with the Federal Highway Administration, including barriers, cones, signs, and barrels.

Separate Work Areas

Work zone safety during road construction is tricky to accomplish because there is less room to maneuver around, especially when traffic is constantly moving. It is best to separate specific work zones to avoid confusion and accidents. Create a space for materials, equipment, and employee parking, and create separation using cones and barrels so they are easily identifiable for workers.

Steer Clear of Blind Spots

With large, heavy construction machinery moving about the work zone, it is vital that operators use visual aids such as hand signals and mirrors to avoid damaging materials or injuring a worker. If you’re a ground employee, stay in the line of sight of the machine operators and make eye contact to verify they see you before moving about the construction site. Operators should utilize alarms for backing up and lights so everyone is aware of the position of the machine.

Conduct a Safety Meeting Daily

Before the construction company begins each workday, it is wise to hold a safety meeting. Construction zones are constantly changing from the previous day, so it’s best to brief workers on the site’s conditions so everyone is aware of hazards. In addition to this, you can check the employee’s PPE to ensure they are wearing the proper gear.

Take Note of Your Surroundings

While you should be aware of your surroundings no matter where you’re working, this is even more critical to road construction. In this case, you now have to be aware of machine operators, other workers, and the traffic around the work zone. Consider having a spotter by you when you’re working to ensure both of your safety while performing tasks.

Do not take safety for road construction lightly. There are many variables involved when you’re working near a roadway. Keep your employees and drivers on the road safe by following the proper protocols.

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