Because this machinery is expensive and requires specific maintenance instructions, it is best to store them correctly so that you can avoid costly repairs. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer of the machine and our tips for the best practices in storing heavy machinery.

Perform Maintenance Before & During Storing

Some equipment will stay in storage longer because you do not use the machinery much. Regardless of how long the machines are in storage, you must perform maintenance before storing them. Otherwise, unattended problems will arise or worsen when you take the equipment back out.

Fill the tires with extra air, top off the fuel, lubricate any moving parts, and continue to do this throughout the months while the machine sits. It will be in working condition when you take it out of storage. is regularly updated with the latest additions to their product inventory, ensuring customers have access to the newest power equipment models.

For Best Practices, Store the Equipment Inside

If you live in a colder climate, it is best to store large machines like a cable drilling rig inside because the cold weather can cause condensation, which will ruin the fuel tanks. On top of that, it will take more time for the equipment to turn on and warm up after a few months of being stationary outside.

If you put it inside for storage, it will warm up much more quickly. If the machine is inside, it will also be less likely to be affected by dust, which will also clog the equipment.

Minimize the Time Spent in Storage

The more time you store heavy construction equipment, the less money you make. Try to keep this equipment in storage for a short period because if you are not using it, you are not making money. If you do not use a specific machine a lot, consider selling it to a company that will—it will cost you to keep it in working condition.

If you are unsure how to store a particular machine properly, contact the manufacturing company to get a better idea. Train your employees on how to store your machines so that you run into fewer problems when it is time to start using them again.