Choosing the ideal setting for a three-stone engagement ring is a significant choice. It is a purchase decision that can influence the style and appearance of the ring you choose for your special day. A three-stone engagement ring typically features a single center diamond surrounded by smaller or equal-sized diamonds. Many people choose the three-stone style for their engagement ring because it is a type of ring setting that represents yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s love.

Some people also order customized three-stone engagement rings because these rings symbolize the strong relationship between mother, father, and child or represent trust, friendship, and love. In addition to highlighting the gemstones’ beauty, the three-stone setting also plays a major role in providing stability and security.

In order to ensure that you select the perfect setting, it is essential to take a number of factors into consideration. No doubt, selecting the perfect setting is a tricky task, but following the right tips helps you get the best engagement ring. Here are some of the best ways to select the perfect setting for your three-stone engagement ring:

Consider the Shapes of the Stones:

The most important phase in picking the perfect setting is to consider the shape of the diamonds you are planning to add to your three-stone engagement ring. Three-stone engagement rings usually include a center diamond or gemstone surrounded by one diamond or gemstone on the right and left sides of the stone.

The center diamond or gemstone of the three-stone engagement ring usually grabs the most attention, which, considering a larger stone or all stones of the same size, turns out to be effective. Just make sure the center stone you are going to choose for the ring will enhance its overall look and make it look more expensive and beautiful.

Check Different Metal Types:

The next thing that you must consider when selecting the perfect setting for your three-stone engagement ring is the different metal types. Three-stone engagement rings can be designed in different metals. From rose gold and platinum to white gold, yellow gold, etc., you can choose any metal for your three-stone engagement ring. But when selecting the metal for the ring, it is essential to make sure that the shape of the diamonds or gemstones you have selected earlier will easily match the metal type.

Yellow gold has an immortal allure, while rose gold adds a hint of sentiment and warmth. Platinum has a sleek and elegant appearance due to its natural whiteness and high durability. White gold gives a comparable appearance to platinum, however, at a more reasonable cost. It is better to consider your lifestyle as well as your preferences while choosing the metal for your three-stone engagement ring setting.

Attention to Setting Styles:

Three-stone engagement rings can be set in a variety of ways, each with its own distinctive feel and look. In a channel setting, the gemstones added to the ring are arranged side by side in a metal channel. Due to this, the setting creates a seamless and smooth appearance. Choosing this setting style helps you get a sophisticated and contemporary look, with the gemstones settled safely inside the channel. In the prong settings, metal paws are used to keep the gemstones secure. This type of ring setting not only showcases the beauty of the stone and allows maximum exposure to light, but also helps you get a traditional and classic look while bringing out the sparkle of the stones.

Tension setting is known for creating the illusion that the gemstones added to the ring are supported by the metal band. This type of ring setting style is not only known for its modern look but also highlights the beauty of the gemstones. Bezel settings cover the gemstones with a metal edge, giving them brilliant security and a smooth look. Because it provides enhanced security for the gemstones, this setting style is ideal for individuals who have active lifestyles.

Pick the Right Band Design:

The band design you choose for your three-stone engagement ring plays a vital role in defining its comfort as well as its look. It is better to think about how the setting will fit in with the band’s design when choosing one. Make sure the setting you choose will create a balanced look and complement the overall ring style. When ordering a custom engagement ring, make sure to also consider the ring size when selecting the band. This will give you an idea of how beautiful the ring will look in your hands.

Assess Maintenance:

When choosing a setting, maintenance should be taken into consideration. Think about your lifestyle and choose a setting that requires the least maintenance. If you work with your hands frequently or lead an active lifestyle, make sure to avoid delicate settings to prevent the need for frequent repair and replacement.

Final Thoughts

Three-stone engagement rings are modern rings with a royal and traditional look. When customized smartly, they help you make your ring look more expensive. You just have to choose the right jeweler for customization so you can get the three-stone engagement ring of your choice. Choosing a professional also helps you choose the right setting, metal, and style for the ring.