Tips for Making Your Classic Car Run Like New

Never leave your classic car to gather dust in a garage—drive it around and show it off! However, you might not feel comfortable doing that if your vehicle isn’t in the proper condition for driving. To make your classic car run like new, you may need to make some changes or fixes to the vehicle to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Change Out the Tires

Older or inexpensive tires could cause your classic car’s performance to decrease because these tires might not give the vehicle enough support. High-quality tires can ensure even wear as you drive and can improve your stopping distance. Treat your classic car with care by purchasing new tires that enhance the vehicle’s performance.

Check the Oil Regularly

Older vehicles can burn through oil more quickly, and if you don’t keep a watchful eye on this component, the car will eventually break down. How often you change the oil could depend on how frequently you drive the vehicle and how old the car is. We recommend talking with a trusted mechanic and consulting the manufacturer’s recommendations to further determine how often you should change the oil. Check oil levels between changes every time you fill the car up with gas—this way, you won’t forget to make a routine out of these inspections.

Upgrade the Engine

Is the engine in the vehicle causing you constant problems? It might be best to add modern parts to your classic car to help it run more efficiently and eliminate a lot of your ongoing issues. Replacing and upgrading the engine is worth the investment because it can help the vehicle perform better and be more reliable.

Keep Up With Maintenance and Inspections

One way to ensure your classic car runs like new is to keep up with routine maintenance and inspections. To avoid making mistakes throughout this process, it’s often best to work with a trusted mechanic. If you do not bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance, things can go south quickly. Staying on top of inspections will ensure the car performs to the best of its ability.

Drive the Car Often

Just because you have a classic car doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive it! When a vehicle is stagnant in a garage for an extended period, its battery can die, the brakes can rust, and the fuel pump can break down. You can avoid this by driving the car often to lubricate the parts, charge the battery, and keep everything running smoothly. However, you should never push an older car past its limits by driving long distances or over rough and rocky terrain.

Consider Converting to an Electronic Ignition System

An electronic ignition system is excellent for a car because you can go 25,000 miles before you might need an inspection on the system. It is common for classic cars to have a points ignition system, but these are not ideal because you need to clean and adjust them often to keep the car running. Consider replacing the current ignition system with an electronic one for better engine combustion.

Owning a classic car can be luxurious, but you still need the vehicle to be dependable. Making a few changes and keeping a watchful eye on the mechanics can help the car run like new again. How will you care for your classic car to keep it running like new?

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