The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar – Hell in a Cell Match on 25 Oct.

Hell in a Cell is the structure that contains cruelty only. This time it will contain the two big fighters The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. On 25th October, The Phenom and The Beast Incarnate will fight for the last time this October.

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These two warriors are widely popular for their split in last two encounters. In 2014, Lesnar shattered the 21 year old Wrestle Mania of The Undertaker henceforth setting an aim of deliverance for the Deadman. The Undertaker in his career first defeated Lesnar while he met him in last August at SummerSlam. However those win was not without storm.

Last moments of match were buzz among the viewers. The Undertaker was tapped out to Kimura Lock by the Anomaly and impelled the timekeeper to ring the bell and made the Lesnar to think of it as the winning moment. But the referee did not observe the tap and continued the match henceforth; The Phenom got the chance to low blow by applying the Hell’s Gate. Thereby Lesnar was knocked out.

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As per the record books, The Undertaker is considered as one of the most buzzed superstars in WWE world. The advocate of Lesnar, Paul Heyman debates that The Beast Incarnate was knocked out by cheating and thus lost his rightful win.

25th October is not the first time when this duo The Undertake and Lesnar will face off inside Hell in a Cell. October, 2002 is the remarkable date in WWE history when The Undertaker was overcome by the heavyweight champion Lesnar at dangerous warzone in fiery battle.

The Phenom was destroyed by the incense Lesnar. The question is- will it be the same war with same result? Will this fight be able to overcome the controversy of last match in SummerSlam and will make a resounding history while fighting against the only athlete in history to held the WWE World Heavyweight, NCAA national heavyweight championships and UFC Heavyweight?

Well, we all need to watch the historic moments in WWE world. So get ready to watch the momentous match to Brock Lesnar’s ‘Go to Hell’ tour while Lesnar and The Undertaker face off inside Hell in a Cell on 25th October, Sunday on WWE Network.

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