The Dog Walked an Unknown Trek of 200 miles to Get Back to the Lady Who Nursed Her after a Road Crash

In a hit-and-run accident case, a dog named Shavi walked back around 200 miles to her Russian nurse who took care of her health.

During last winter, in the road accident, Shavi was surviving as a stray in Rostov Oblast in southern Russia. As per the reports of Russian media, the driver hit her on the road and left Shavi in pain with broken legs on roadside. At that time she was shivering and freezing due to cold and injuries.

Fortunately, two passersby observed her and then took her to the vet. After taking her to vet, they appealed online looking for someone who could nurse her after the recovery.

It was reported that only one person replied to their appeal and she was Nina Baranovskaya, 26. After Shavi was operated of hind legs she was picked up by Nina to her house where she lives with her daughter and several other pets in Rostov-on-Don.
Nina helped the dog to recover and made her to learn walking and other basic commands. They used to play every day.

After the accident Shavi needed extra care and attention as she lasted trauma. Nina bought nappies for her and confronted her at the sight of cars on the street and the strangers.

After some days Nina found that she could not take care of Shavi for long term as she had a small flat and she had other family commitments. So she found a new home for her pet Shavi. The new home was of Nina’s friend and 185 miles distant.

But after some days, Nina got a phone call from her friend that Shavi got missing. Two weeks later, the dog appeared unexpectedly.

Nina was walking down a road when she felt something brushing up her leg. It is believed that Shavi walked approximately 200 miles to Rostov through an unknown trail just to reunite with Nina. As she came to know the reason she busted into tears.

According to experts, the dog took more than a week to get back to Nina. Now, she is looking for a bigger place so that they can stay together and would never let Shavi go away.