iTop Screen Recorder allows for effortless recording without time limits, supports various video formats and offers basic editing features to facilitate sharing on popular online video platforms.

1. Use iTop Screen Recorder Online

iTop Screen Recorder Online is an intuitive, user-friendly screen recording program with numerous features designed for YouTube Live Streaming. You can record full-screen video, record audio from system sound or microphone input, record webcam overlay and edit videos using simple tools – not forgetting its GPU rendering technology that reduces lagging while guaranteeing high-quality recordings!

To use iTop Screen Recorder Online, launch the application and begin watching a live show you wish to record. When ready, press either REC or F9 and start recording – your video will then be stored in My Creations or you can access it using shortcut keys or folder. iTop Screen Recorder can grabar transmisiones en vivo de Youtube with or without watermarks; trim recordings so only important parts remain saved; share recordings using its built-in sharing feature and export into any format desired.

2. Use iTop Screen Recorder for Windows

iTop Screen Recorder for Windows is one of the easiest-to-use screen recording software programs, enabling you to capture audio and video from a computer or an online streaming website like YouTube. You can record system audio, microphone input or both depending on your specific needs.

Once you are ready to record, click the large REC button. A countdown will then begin, after which it will begin recording your video or computer screen. A toolbar located at the bottom right side of your window allows you to pause or resume recordings at any time.

After recording is complete, you can easily locate and edit your file using the My Creations or Audio feature of iTop Screen Recorder, then edit with its built-in video editor. With its wide range of functionalities and post-capture features available as additional options iTop Screen Recorder makes an excellent choice for YouTubers of all kinds and experience levels alike.

3. Use iTop Screen Recorder for Mac

YouTube is an indispensable video content platform that offers its users all kinds of video content, but sometimes specific videos might not always be accessible there, necessitating offline preservation or reuse later.

There are various screen recorder software programs that can assist in this endeavor, with iTop Screen Recorder being one such solution that provides an user-friendly yet powerful solution for capturing YouTube videos/live streams on PC without lagging or watermarks, supporting various output formats, recording either full screen or specific areas with flexible drag-and-drop options, editing saved recordings to get exactly the clips desired by beginners or professionals alike.

4. Use iTop Screen Recorder for iOS

iTop Screen Recorder is an intuitive software solution for recording videos online at high quality in no time at all, featuring a built-in video editor and sharing capabilities across multiple video platforms. Customers love its accessibility; moreover, this video downloader is free and safe for installation on computers.

This software can be used to record various forms of content, from video conferences and movie viewing sessions, movies, music concerts and online courses to game playback. With its special Game Mode feature that captures live action of any game and saves it in HD quality – making this an invaluable asset for YouTubers who create gaming-focused YouTube channels.

With one click, this tool allows users to launch YouTube, Zoom, Twitch, Spotify, and ESPN video recording services and begin video recordings instantly. Supported formats include many popular video file types as well as customizable hotkeys for easier use. Furthermore, GPU hardware acceleration guarantees smooth video recordings.