The Best Reasons To Take Off Your Jeep Doors

One of the most popular modifications that people make to their Jeeps is removing the doors. Sometimes people opt to keep the cabin open without any doors at all, and other times people install tube doors. If you own a Jeep, find out the best reasons to take off your Jeep doors.

1. Lessen Weight

Removing your Jeep’s doors can improve your off-roading experience. When you remove all the doors from your Jeep, you free your vehicle of carrying around 350 pounds! The more weight your Jeep carries, the more you limit its performance and increase the likelihood of breaking down. Not to mention, the more weight your Jeep carries, the more fuel you burn.

You could also shed the weight of the doors to make more room for other objects. You might want to carry more gear with you on your next trip, and taking the doors off will make it easier for your rig to haul these items.

2. Get Closer to the Outdoors

One of the best reasons to take off your Jeep doors is to feel closer to the outdoors—driving without doors is an exhilarating experience! If you’re in a scenic area, you’ll appreciate getting rid of barriers that block your view or make you feel less connected to your surroundings.

If you or your passengers feel over-exposed without any doors at all, consider installing tube doors. Tube doors can help you feel more secure in your ride, and you’ll still enjoy the thrill of open-air driving. Plus, if you’re off-roading over challenging terrain, tube doors will make it easy for you to see outside your rig.

3. Make a Simple, Dramatic Change

Finally, many people like to remove their doors because it’s a relatively simple process that creates a dramatic change in the look and feel of your vehicle. When you correctly remove your Jeep’s doors, you won’t harm your vehicle or the doors at all, but you will customize your driving experience for the warm weather.

Jeep makes it easy for you to store the hinge pin screws and check screws. Use your preferred method for storing the doors, and you can easily pop them back onto your vehicle whenever you want.

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