Body measurement software is increasingly becoming integral to the professional world as it helps people save time and effort by providing accurate sizing and fit recommendations. Businesses can access comprehensive insights into their brand’s unique sizing and fit standards with a data-intensive approach. Additionally, artificial intelligence in fashion has allowed for automated grading and size conversion processes, delivering precise results quickly. All in all, the use of body measurement software has revolutionised the way professionals work to deliver accurate fit and sizing recommendations. As it continues to grow in popularity, the benefits of this technology will only increase for professional applications and businesses alike. 


Body measurement software is a technology that allows for accurate and precise sizing recommendations for clothing and other items. It enables businesses to automate the sizing process, saving time and money and providing customers with an enhanced shopping experience. With this type of software, businesses no longer need to worry about manually entering size measurements as it can all be done digitally. Additionally, using data-intensive approaches and artificial intelligence has allowed for greater accuracy regarding size recommendations. This blog post will explore how body measurement software revolutionises sizing models and optimises the customer experience. 

The data-intensive approach: 

Data-intensive approach to delivering highly accurate size and fit recommendations. They begin by collecting brand-specific fit standard data, encompassing core body measurements from fit forms, avatars, live models, and specific grading rules. It comprehensively explains the brand’s unique sizing and fit standards. Simultaneously, they analyse season or collection-specific tech packs to gain insights into the fit intent of each garment.

Benefits of body measurement software: 

Businesses can use body measurement software to save time and money by automating the size recommendation process. Customers also have a better shopping experience as they are more likely to purchase items that fit their body type correctly. It eliminates the frustration of ordering either too big or too small clothing. 

AI-driven size recommendation models: 

Using artificial intelligence, body measurement software can accurately predict the size of an item that would fit best for each customer based on their unique measurements. This predictive sizing model has enabled businesses to provide personalised product recommendations and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, it has increased the accuracy of size selection and led to fewer returns. 

Enhancing customer experience with accurate fit and sizing data: 

Body measurement software has enabled businesses to provide accurate fit and sizing data, resulting in a better customer experience. Customers can now easily find the size that fits them best without worrying about ordering items that may not be the right fit. This improved accuracy helps businesses improve their bottom line by reducing unnecessary returns and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Cost savings for businesses using body measurement software :

By using body measurement software, businesses can save money by reducing the costs associated with returns and lost sales due to incorrect sizing. Additionally, the increased accuracy of size selection helps to reduce backorders and increase customer satisfaction. These cost savings can help businesses drive more growth and profitability in the long term. 


Body measurement software, powered by artificial intelligence and data-driven insights, is revolutionising the fashion industry. By providing highly accurate size and fit recommendations, businesses can reduce returns and lost sales costs due to incorrect sizing. This improved accuracy helps improve customer satisfaction while reducing overall costs for businesses. As technology evolves, more brands leverage it to enhance customers’ shopping experience.