Best Apps to Take Notes on iPhone

Do you like to take notes of everything that you find interesting? Nowadays it is not necessary that you have a physical agenda in which you write all that, just downloading one of the best apps to take notes on the iPhone will be more than necessary so that you do not forget that so … Read more

WhatsApp Payments Launch Date in India

Due to Data processing compliance issues, the launch of WhatsApp payments for India has been stuck up in the middle. A report says that, the data processing compliance issues may delay the official launch of WhatsApp payments which is under testing phase in India since last year. These concerns are expressed by the RBI (Reserve … Read more

WhatsApp Backup now can be taken officially on Google Drive

Are you a smart phone user? Do you live outside United States? If answer to both questions is yes then you are definitely one of the billion users of WhatsApp. It has been made clear earlier that WhatsApp which is a messenger is not one of the most feature rich messaging platforms. But the thing … Read more

Unveiling the Best Windows Yet – Welcome to Windows 10 World Free Upgrade

The latest Windows is free for most of the people offering exclusive apps and features. What It Is? In late 2014, Microsoft unveiled the preview of next Windows operating system. Microsoft said that mobile and cloud computing are the key points of Windows 10. The new operating system is enterprise friendly, best for keyboard and … Read more

WhatsApp will allow a preview of voice messages

The WhatsApp instant messaging application is testing a new feature that allows users to listen to a voice message from the notification menu. WhatsApp already allows its users to preview messages, including messages containing videos and images, within notifications without opening the application. The preview of the voice messages is very similar to the preview … Read more

Tinder will launch its own Television series


Tinder will launch an interactive movie where users with similar responses can match The popular dating application Tinder will launch its television series for the internet, with an interactive apocalyptic story in which users can choose the destination of the plot by sliding through several options, the American weekly Variety reported Tuesday. The story will … Read more

Ransomware – How to Prevent

What is ransomware? A type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. What does ransomware do? Prevent you from accessing Windows. Encrypt files so you can’t use them. Stop certain apps from running (like your web browser). How to Prevent Ransomware Install and use … Read more

WhatsApp pay Banks list – Partnered with Axis and HDFC Bank

As Whatsapp new payment feature is under testing and will be launched very soon in India, Whatsapp is adding new banks continuously into its list of suppported banks. With ICICI bank already into the list of supported banks, Axis banks and HDFC banks are the latest additions into this bank list. It expected that the … Read more