How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android and iphone


The dark mode option has already became a popular feature in Youtube, Twitter and many messengers. After Twitter, YouTube and Messenger, it’s the turn of Instagram. The dark mode is a very popular feature among users and allows you to set a dark background and put the view to sleep at night. By taking into … Read more

WhatsApp Payments India Launch to be Delayed

The launching of much awaited new payment feature of WhatsApp for India i.e WhatsApp Payments which was expected to be launched at the end of this year, has been reported to be delayed. The reason for this delay in the launch of WhatsApp pay is the concern raised by Indian Government over the data localisation … Read more

Whatsapp Payments vs Google Pay vs Paytm vs BHIM UPI

The demonetization policy which banned the currencies of Rs500 and Rs 1000 in India was one of the most important decisions in the history of the country to curb the black money. but due to shortage of cash at that time it opened the doors for various online websites and wallets to encash the opportunity … Read more

How to Set up WhatsApp pay on iphone

After a wait of long time, WhatsApp has finally launched a very good and useful feature, WhatsApp pay. With this feature you can send or receive money from anyone who is also on WhatsApp. This new payment feature of WhatsApp is very easy to use and you can send and receive money while chatting with … Read more

How to install & Use Whatsapp on Smartwatch

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging services in the world, not only because its quick and simple to use , but it gives you the opportunity to send message or even call your friends or relatives, no matter in which part of the World they are located. And for this you don’t have … Read more

How to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp


In WhatsApp a legend is shown when a message is deleted by the person who sent it. The system always has gaps that can be exploited, for example to recover the content . This news both good and bad. Those who delete messages for some reason can no longer trust anyone to read the message. … Read more

WhatsApp Pay – All about Whatsapp UPI payment


Whatsapp has planned to launch a new payment feature for the Indian users which will allow the users in India to transfer money to their friends or people in their Circle on Whatsapp. This payment feature has not been launched yet and is under beta testing. So the changes in this payment feature are expected … Read more

5G Technology Dangers & Risks of on Health


5G Technology Explained Although in many countries of the world they are just beginning to enjoy the advantages offered by the 4G generation in communications and even some still only have infrastructure for 2G and 3G, the truth is that the industry does not stop because the plans are to replace this mobile phone standard … Read more