Download Taylor Swift ‘1989’ Songs Track List

Artist: Taylor Swift
Release date: October 27, 2014
Awards: Grammy Award for Album of the Year, MORE
Producers: Taylor Swift, Shellback, Nathan Chapman, Jack Antonoff, Ryan Tedder, Imogen Heap
Did you know: Taylor Swift’s “1989” is the 10th-fastest-selling album in Canada (107,000 first-week sales).

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1989 is the fifth songs album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.
Released on October 27, 2014,

 No. Song Title Song Writer(s) Producer(s) length
 1 “Welcome to New York Taylor Swift Ryan Tedder Tedder Noel Zancanella Swift3:32
2 “Blank Space Swift Max Martin Shellback Martin Shellback 3:51
3 “Style Swift Martin Shellback Ali Payami Martin Shellback Payami 3:51
4 “Out of the Woods Swift Jack Antonoff Antonoff Swift Martin 3:55
5 “All You Had to Do Was Stay Swift Martin Martin Shellback Mattman & Robin 3:13
6 “Shake It Off Swift Martin Shellback Martin Shellback 3:39
7 “I Wish You Would Swift Antonoff Antonoff Swift Greg Kurstin Martin 3:27
8 “Bad Blood Swift Martin Shellback Martin Shellback 3:31
9 “Wildest Dreams Swift Martin ShellbackMartin Shellback 3:40
10 “How You Get the Girl Swift Martin Shellback Martin Shellback 4:07
11 “This LoveSwift Nathan Chapman Swift 4:10
12 “I Know Places Swift Tedder Tedder Zancanella Swift 3:15
13 “Clean Swift Imogen Heap Heap Swift 4:30

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