In recent years, landscape design has seen a surge in trends appealing to eco-conscious homeowners. As we embrace 2023, the focus on sustainability, immersive gardens, and wildlife-friendly landscapes is stronger than ever.

Calimingo shines as a standout company in Southern California amidst these delightful trends. Their expertise can help homeowners create a sustainable oasis that harmoniously coexists with nature, transforming outdoor spaces into captivating havens. The company also serves Los Angeles and Orange County.

Landscaping design trends in 2023

1. Immersive Gardens

These gardens embrace curated wilding, using neutral colors and raw textures to create a captivating imperfect, yet stunning look. Thoughtfully trimmed local species add a touch of pristine charm to this trend, making it an attractive and environmentally friendly choice for modern outdoor spaces.

2. Vegetable and herb garden

The vegetable and herb garden provides the convenience of fresh, organic produce at your doorstep. Engaging in therapeutic gardening benefits your well-being, creating a sense of tranquility. The delightful herb aromas add to the overall sensory experience, making your outdoor space more appealing. Harvesting homegrown vegetables promotes a healthier lifestyle, enriching your meals with nutritious and flavorful ingredients.

3. Low carbon landscaping

As the world moves towards sustainability, low-carbon landscaping is popular for environmentally conscious gardeners. Growing local plant varieties, herbs, vegetables, and fruits enables homeowners to lessen their carbon footprint and contribute to biodiversity conservation.

4. Incorporating metals

Incorporating metals in landscaping design adds a touch of modernity and artistic flair to outdoor spaces. Metal panels, water features, and planter boxes create visually striking focal points. The revival of pergolas and patio structures blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living, offering an inviting and comfortable home extension. This trend elevates the aesthetics and functionality of the backyard, enhancing the overall outdoor experience.

5. Artificial grass

Its year-round appeal ensures a lush and green outdoor space regardless of the season. The low maintenance aspect of this landscape design saves time and effort, as there’s no need for mowing, watering, or fertilizing. The cost-effectiveness of synthetic turf leads to long-term savings on water bills and lawn care expenses. Pairing it with eco-conscious trends further enhances sustainability, making it an excellent choice for a beautiful, hassle-free, and environmentally friendly garden.

6. Bringing water into the garden

Incorporating a small pond in your garden design introduces an enchanting and calming element, creating a serene retreat for relaxation. As landscape design evolves, personalized touches can transform your outdoor space into something exceptional, reflecting your unique preferences and style. The addition of a water feature contributes to a peaceful ambiance, making it a perfect spot to unwind after a busy day.

7. Entangled designs for continuity

Entangled designs harmoniously connect indoor and outdoor spaces by integrating hardscape elements with landscapes. Fractured edges and natural stone transitions provide a fluid and organic flow between areas. This seamless continuity blurs the boundaries, extending the living space outdoors. The combination of grass and aggregates further enhances the natural appeal, creating a cohesive and visually appealing environment.

8. Defined outdoor spaces

The growing trend of defined outdoor spaces caters to homeowners’ desire for functional and versatile areas. Incorporating outdoor kitchens, offices, and living rooms merges nature with patios, offering a relaxing retreat to embrace the health benefits of being outdoors. This design maximizes outdoor living, providing a seamless blend of comfort and nature in the comfort of one’s home.

With sustainability as the driving force behind 2023’s landscaping trends, homeowners in Southern California, including Los Angeles and Orange County, can find a reliable partner in Calimingo. By embracing these eco-conscious trends, homeowners have the power to create an outdoor masterpiece that not only reflects their style but also nurtures the environment.