After Vietnamese War, Nguyet, The Girl Born Without Arms Now Leads A Normal Life While Taking Care Of Her Nephew

U.S. military unconfined Agent Orange into the jungles of Vietnam during the war to destroy the land of forest with the aim of making it lurk and destruction of guerillas of Vietnam. The consequences of Agent Orange were destroying and affected Vietnam adversely. Around 4.8 million people were affected by this chemical thus passing the … Read more

The Barber Conquered the Autistic Boy’s Fear of Haircuts

A young boy, Mason was recently diagnosed of an autistic spectrum disorder in UK. The boy was terrified of haircuts and tended to run away as his barber James Williams would try to give him a haircut. Williams took it to Mason’s level and due to this not only did Mason get the haircut but … Read more

Gloomy Dog Got Her World ‘Shut Down’

A gloomy dog that was heartbroken locked her world as she returned to animal shelter and even refused to take walks. After returning to an animal shelter by her family, the sad dog was so disturbed that she ‘shut down’ her world and snubbed to go for walks. Lana is the name of the dog. She … Read more

#Heart4Rhya – The World of Football Mourns Over the Girl Who Lost Battle with Brain Tumor

A footballer who won the hundreds of hearts of young football players lost her battle of life with brain tumor. The girl- Rhya Story died at the age of 14. Newcastle United and Rangers- the football clubs paid homage to the girl. Also the football celebrities Alan Shearer and Paul Gascoigne and other junior players … Read more