Shrikhand Mahadev History & Trek Cost – Yatra 2019

Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra

Height in feet 19,000 ft 
Duration6 Days
Best time to VisitAugust to September

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The Shrikhand Mahadev trek is considered as one of the most difficult treks to do, but nothing can diminish the faith of a true Shiva Bhakt. Every year, the Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra begins in the month of July for 15 to 20 days. Jathas or groups leave for the Yatra after their complete medical examination is conducted by the Trust and they are declared fit to take a trek to about 38 km. It is indeed a difficult trek but once you are in the spiritual zone and the divine Himself calls you to visit Him, there is nothing that can stop you from taking your foot forward to the Shrikhand Mahadev Peak. The Lord Himself gives its devotees the courage to reach up to Him. It is indeed an enriching experience one remembers for lifetime.

This year, the Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra will start from July 15th and will end on 31st July. The registration will be done at the Base Camp Singhad along with the medical examination of each devotee. The REGISTRATION FEES is ₹150. Medical treatment facilities will be available for the sick and injured people at the Kunsha valley special base camp.

Shrikhand Mahadev Height in Feet

16900 feet (5162 Meters)

Shrikhand Mahadev Trek Map

History behind Shrikhand Mahadev Trek

According to folk tales and legendary stories, there was a demon named Bhasmasur who pleased Lord Shiva through his years long tapasya. Lord Shiva on seeing Bhasmasur’s intense dedication told him to ask for a vardaan from him. Bhasmasur asked Lord Shiva to give him the power to turn into ashes anything he would put his hand on. Shiva blessed Bhasmasur with the vardaan called Bhasma Kangan.

Then one day, Bhasmasur, completely lost in his self-pride and ego thought of turning Lord Shiva into ashes. Shiva had to take the help of Lord Vishnu, who took Mohini avatar to trick Bhasmasur and Lord Shiva escaped into the cave. Lord Shiva then appeared on the mountain top and could see Bhasmasur being tricked by Lord Vishnu who in His Mohini avatar made Bhasmasur kill himself by keeping his hand on his own head.

Shrikhand Mahadev Video

The mountain peak where Lord Shiva was standing seeing all this is now popularly called as Shrikhand Mahadev peak.

Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra: Routes to be followed

The Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra or Trek starts from Jaon village located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. There are 2 routes that can be taken up to reach village Jaon:


Shimla – Theog – Narkanda – Rampur – Bushahr – Nirmand – Bagipul – Jaon village


Shimla – Mashobra – Sunni – Gumma – Rampur – Bushahr – Nirmand – Bagipul – Jaon Village

Proper location as marked by Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra Trust

Total Distance from Shimla to Shrikhand Mahadev Peak : 72 Km

Total Distance from Chandigarh to Shrikhand Mahadev Peak

Stages of Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra

Day 1: Chandigarh to Rampur Bushahr

The pilgrims starting their journey from Chandigarh will have to first reach Rampur Bushahr, which is about 128.7 km from Shimla. This will be 3.5 hour drive via NH5. In total, it will be about 6.5 to 7 hour drive from Chandigarh. Pilgrims will be made to stay in a dharamshala or a hotel for the rest of the day. Yatra will start early morning the next day.

Day 2: Rampur Bushahr to Singhad

Early morning journey will start from Rampur Bushahr and next stop will be Jaon village which is at a distance of 1 h 39 min (39.6 km) via Nirmand and Bagipul. The Yatra will start on foot from Jaon village and will continue till Singhad which is about 5 km from Jaon. People can stay here for the night and take some rest to be ready for the next day trek.

Day 3: Singhad to Thachdu

Next day the Yatra will again start from Singhad after having breakfast. The next halt will be Barathi Nala which is about 3 km from Singhad. From here, the Yatra will continue till Thachdu. This place is about 6 to 7 km from Singhad. Pilgrims can rest at Thachdu camping site and prepare themselves for the next day’s trek.

Day 4: Thachdu to Bheem Dwar via Kali Ghati

Ealy morning, danda chadai will start from Thachru to Kali Ghati, a 3 km trek. After this trek, devotees will reach Kali Ghati and from Kali Ghati, Yatra will head to Bheem Talai and then to Kunsha valley. After 3 km trek, pilgrims will reach Bheem Dwar which is 8 km away from Kali Ghati. It is said that Bheem Dwar is the place where Pandu Putra Bheem made stairs to heaven which he could not complete in time. The rocks and bog stones are arranged in a vertical position and something is written on these rocks which is fondly called Bheem Lipi.

Bheem Dwar


Bheem Bhai (Something is written on it in Bheem Lipi)

Kali Ghati

Day 5: Bheem Dwar to Parvati Bagh to Shrikhand Mahadev Peak and then back to Parvati Bagh

Fifth day of the trek would probably be the toughest as it will be to the last stop i.e. Shrikhand Mahadev peak. But, with the chants of Har Har Mahadev, Jai Bhole plus the satisfaction of reaching till here will make this difficult trek an easy and fulfilling one.

From Bheem Dwar, next stop is 4 km away called Parvati Bagh. As the name suggests, this place is full of the rare Himalayan flowers. Parvati Bagh also contains the beautiful and rarest flower, Brahma Kamal, which is also considered to be Mata Parvati’s favorite flower.

As you climb up, you will have to cross glaciers etc. and then comes the Nain Sarovar Lake which is 3 km from Parvati Bagh. Nain Sarovar is a small lake/sarovar which emerged from the tears of Mata Parvati who was waiting for Lord Shiva, but He took so long to arrive from the mountain top that Mata Parvati broke down and with her tears was made the Nain Sarovar Lake. This lake has frozen mountains and glaciers around it.

The next and final stage of this Yatra, the Shrikhand Mahadev peak can be seen from the Nain Sarovar Lake and Parvati Bagh, if the weather is not cloudy. After a trek of about 6 to 7 km one can have the darshan of Shrikhand Mahadev peak, the abode of Lord Shiva. At this place the pilgrims can feel that their life is fulfilled, it is so divine. After having a proper darshan of Lord Shiva, pilgrims will have to trek down to Parvati Bagh the same day to have some rest at the camping site.

Parvati Bagh

Brahma Kamal Flower at Parvati Bagh

Nain Sarovar Lake

Shrikhand Mahadev Peak

Day 6: Parvati Bagh to Thachdu

Now, the trek will start back to Thachdu from Parvati Bagh via the same route that was taken to climb up the peak. This will be a 15 km trek down to Thachdu camping site where food and other services will be available.

Day 7: Thachdu to Jaon Village

Enjoying the amazing scenic beauty of the hills, pilgrims will make their way back to Jaon Village, from where the actual Yatra commenced. Here, they can their meals and enjoy their last night as the Yatra will end the next day and everyone will be heading to their homes.

hDay 8: Jaon village to Sarahan and back to Chandigarh

This will be the last day of this devotional Yatra. Starting from Jaon village, pilgrims will be made to reach Sarahan which will take about 3 hours and then one can head to Chandigarh, a 7 hour drive. The pilgrims who went from Shimla can stay back at their beautiful city and cherish the darshan of Shrikhand Mahadev top.

Total Cost of Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra

The total cost or total package of Shrikhand Mahadev Trek will be ₹15,000 to ₹17,000 approximately including food and accommodation. However, this package may vary from agency to agency. The cost will also depend upon the number of people going in a Jatha (group).

Carry light with these Trek Essentials

One must carry the following essential things before starting with the Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra, which is considered as more difficult than the Amarnath Yatra.

• A woolen sleeping bag
• Good quality trekking shoes
• Sleeping mats
• A sweat protector backpack with its raincover
• Medicines such as cetirizine, ibuprofen, Ciprofloxacin etc.
• A small first aid box containing band aids, cotton and an antibiotic cream
• Thermal wear and quick dry half sleeved t-shirts
• 2-3 pairs of socks and comfortable clothes
• Extra Phone batteries
• GPS and fully charged mobile phones as you might not get to charge them frequently and lose out on battery
• Rehydration packets
• Cameras to capture the beauty around you
• A light weight towel
• Headlamp or torch
• Sunglasses
• Some packaged food items such as nuts and dry fruits, but don’t overstuff your bag with food items


Only a few people have the fortune of visiting the Shrikhand Mahadev peak after completing a week long trek. Pilgrims get to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. The journey becomes even wonderful with the clouds touching the ground. The chants of the supreme Lord, Om Namah Shivaay and Bham Bham Bhole make the Yatra easy going and thrilling. After a successful Yatra on the toughest terrains, it actually feels like you have conquered the world. One should take an adventurous trip like this at least once in their life as it is so fulfilling and something which gives you inner peace.

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