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Selena gomez Instagram profile :


1,450 posts ,  139m followers , 36 following


Beyoncé’s Instagram top followers record was broken by Selena Gomez this week. Selene Gomez now have 139 million follwers compared to 111 million followers of Beyonce. But Selena Gomez is behind Kylie Jenner in terms of earning money from social media. Although Jenner has less number of followers than Gomez but her earning is $1 million for single sponsored post on Instagram which is far higher than $800,000 per post of Selena Gomez.

In the top 10 social media earners list released by Hopper HQ, Selena Gomez is second in the list just below Kylie Jenner. But its still a good figure for Gomez.

Beyoncé is also in the list with $700k earning per post along with Justin Bieber with $630K & Kendall Jenner having $500 per post.