Selena Gomez Reveals She Underwent Chemotherapy After Being Diagnosed With Lupus

“That’s what my break was really about. I could’ve had a stroke,” Selena Gomez said in an interview with Billboard. Her new album “Revival” will be released Oct. 9.


The young singer has revealed that in 2013 she was forced to leave the scene to undergo chemotherapy to treat lupus, an autoimmune disease. The revelation came in an interview with Billboard: She said “I was diagnosed with lupus and I had to make the rounds of chemo therapy. That’s why in 2013 I had to take a break from the music business. I could have had an attack “.

The singer said as a consequence to that diagnosis, she had to cancel up the shows of Australian and Asian tour in December of 2013. But the rumors at that time suggested that the singer was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic:”


She added, I’m always kind, but others are bad with me. I am work since i was 7 years old. I am an ambassador for UNICEF since I was 17. It ‘was really a big disappointment when I became a story to tabloids. ” But those disappointments led her to write some songs for his new album: “That hatred that I have received, has served as motivation. Now it’s my time. I deserve all this, I have earned it.”

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