Disgraced Teaching Assistant Seduced a Schoolboy and Told Him That He Made Her Pregnant

A schoolboy revealed last night that a disgraceful teaching assistant seduced him and had sex 50 times. The teaching assistant told him that he made her pregnant.

Caroline Berriman

The schoolboy is 15 years old and told that he was molested for two months by Caroline Berriman (of Oldham, Great Manchester) who is twice his age left the scars for life and they had regular and unprotected sex.
Berriman was used to teach at Abraham Moss Community School of 1, 600 pupil. She was dodged of jail sentence last week despite being confessed two of the sexual activity with a child.

The boy criticizing her suspended sentence revealed that their relationship reached to an extent that the two year old daughter of Berriman used to call him ‘dad’.


Caroline Berriman-schoolboy
He claimed that she asked his phone number on Facebook, and then they started to go for drives and watching television together.

The boy told that they were totally into each other and started to call and text all time. It got more and more intense and then into a relationship. After that the teacher started to ring him on weekends. Gradually, it got serious and made a point when her daughter called him ‘dad’. He said that he kept convincing her daughter that he is her mother’s friend.

Berriman used to teach him math and English. Their relationship was exposed when the boy told his brother, he contacted Child Line and his mother also found out.
Berriman often asked the boy to elope with her, blackmailing that if he would decline then it would break the heart of her daughter.

Court of Manchester Crown was told that the lady took part in sex activities with the child and was heaved before the court in July. But she fell sick and then due to that the court was deferred.
Berriman now has to face 250 hours of unpaid community work as well as the adjourned sentence.


The lady has to obey the order of court that prohibits her to contact the boy and his name cannot be revealed due to legal reasons. He has now left the school and did not appear in the court as well.

However, Berriman was not available to comment on the decision of court.The Department of Education claimed that last year they debarred two teachers for the inappropriate relation with the pupils.

There was a married teacher named assistant Helen Turnbull who was 35 years old, he got a suspended sentence when he kissed 16 years old boy and sent him seductive messages.

It was unveiled further that she then started a relationship with another former student from the same school.
In another case, Charlotte Parker the teaching assistant of 32 age confessed that she sent numerous lewd texts to a student in Chelmsford who was 14 only then. Later she got into relationship with the same boy.

English teacher Yvonne Preston of West Yorkshire was expelled from the profession due to her infatuation with a child and then sending him gifts.

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