Reverse Image Search – What is it and How to use

So let’s learn how to use Reverse Image search.

We here will let you know what is Reverse Image search and how to use it. Also, learn how you open and search any image on your mobile phone or desktop computer with the help of Reverse Image search.

Reverse Image search is basically a process by using which you can search any image which is already present in your mobile or desktop to know what is image is about and where it is actually present on the interest. In addition to getting the information about any image, you can also search for many similar matches for that image.

Many times we have an image of for example any monument or any other famous location and want to know where this monument is or which location or thing this image is about. In other words, we have an image but don’t know anything about the image. In such situations, we can use the Reverse Image Search tool provided by Google and know what this image is about.

In addition to this, many times you have situations like in which you get a friend requests from two people with the same profile pic. In such cases, you can also use Google Reverse Image search to know which is the real picture and which is the fake.

How to Reverse Search an Image on PC

  • For this first, you have type in your Desktop computer or in your Mobile (Android or iPhone) Browser.
  • Here you will see a Camera Icon in the search box.


  • You will not see the Camera Icon in the search box if you Opening the about link in your Mobile.
  • For this go the setting options of Chrome browser in Mobile and then select the ‘Desktop Site’ option.
  • Now you will be able to see the ‘Camera’ icon on your mobile also.
  • Here you can also search any image typing any query in the search box or click on the Camera icon for uploading an existing image present in your desktop or Mobile storage.
  • If you search by typing any query in the search box then it is known as the Regular Image search.
  • And if you want to get information about any already downloaded or captured image, then you have to click on the Camera option to upload the image. This is actually known as ‘Reverse Image Search’
  • For example, if you have an image of Opera House, Sydney on your Mobile phone.
  • Then upload it using the Camera Option in the search box of Google Reverse Image tool.
  • You can also Drag and Drop the image in the search box from your Desktop computer.


    • Once you uploaded the Image or Dragged it, you will see the search results and information for What the Image is about and also many similar results related to the Image.


  • You can see the official website of Opera House in the search results or can click on the Wikipedia page to find more information about the Opera House.

How to do Reverse Images search on Android

Android is the most popular mobile operating system used in the World and the main reason for its popularity is that it is developed and operated by Google. An Android enabled mobile phone can perform most of the functions that a desktop computer can perform and that’s why some people also called it Mini Computer.

Android is run by the Google id and all major products of Google like Google search, youtube, Play Store, Gmail, etc comes pre-installed into an Android enabled mobile phone. As we are discussing how to use Reverse Image search in an Android mobile phone, so let’s move on to that:

Here in the below guide, we will learn all the steps that you can follow up to use Reverse Image Search in Android Phone.

There are two main options to use Reverse Image search for an image in Android Phone.

  1. First is to use Reverse Image search for Already Downloaded Image
  2. Second Option is to use Reverse Image search for a New Image

1) Using Reverse Image search for an Already Downloaded image in Android:

The steps to follow for an image that is already present in your Android phone are:

  • Open up Chrome browser in your Android Mobile.
  • Now type in the browser.
  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right side of the Chrome browser.
  • Now tick on the Desktop Site option which is 3rd option from the bottom.
  • The Desktop version of the opens in your Android smartphone.
  • Now Click on the Camera option.
  • When you click on the Camera icon, you will 2 options:
    Paste Image Url, Upload an Image
  • You choose either of an option to do the Reverse image search.
  • To do the reverse image search, if we already have a URL of the image, click on the ‘Paste Image Url’ option and type the URL
  • And if you have the image stored in your Android Phone, then click on the ‘Upload an Image’ option
  • Choose any image from your Mobile phone storage.
  • Google will show you the image source, including various sites like Wikipedia, the official website of that image (if available), and all similar images.

2) Using a reverse image search for a new Image in Android:

You can perform the reverse image search for a new image by following ways:

  • You can either type the name of the image in the search box after opening on your Android phone.
  • Or if you want to do a reverse image search for an image that is present on a website, then just tap on that image.
  • After Tapping on that image, you will see various options like: Open in a new tab, Share a link, Download image, Search Google for this image.
  • You have to select, ‘Search Google for this image’
  • After choosing the above option, the google images will show you all the details about that image and many images that are similar to that image.

How to do a Reverse Image search on iPhone

iPhone was first launched in 2007 and it uses ios operating system which is completely different from the Android operating system. As you might know that iPhones are developed by the USA based company named Apple.

What sets the iPhone apart from other smartphones of the world are its unique features, high-speed internet connectivity, and a high level of security. As the iPhone uses ios which is completely different from Android and other mobile phone operating systems, so using ‘Reverse Image search’ on the iPhone is also different because of its different features. Let’s see the steps required to do the Reverse image search on the iPhone.

Reverse Image Search on iPhone Using Safari:

Unlike Android in which the default browser is Google Chrome, the default browser in iPhone enabled mobiles is ‘Safari’

  • So, first of all, open the Safari browser on your iPhone.
  • Type in the top search box of the Safari browser.
  • Now tap on the ‘Refresh’ symbol in the top right corner.
  • After tapping the ‘Refresh’ symbol, you will see the ‘Request Desktop Site’ option.
  • Choose this Request Desktop Site option which will open up the Desktop version of the
  • From here on all the steps to do the reverse images search are the same as that of doing it on your Desktop or on Android Mobile.

Reverse Image Search on iPhone Using Google Chrome:

In addition to doing Reverse image search in your iPhone using the Safari browser, you can also do it by using Google Chrome.

  • For this, first of all, download the Google Chrome browser on your iPhone.
  • Now open the link and then open the desktop version of it by selecting ‘Desktop site’
  • Here again, you have 2 options to do reverse search ie. Paste Image URL and
  • Upload an image after clicking on the Camera icon.
  • Upon choosing any of the above options, the details of those images with lots of similar images are shown by Google.

So by performing the above steps, you can easily do the Reverse Image Search for any image that you want.

Yandex is the most used search engine in Russia, closely followed by Google. For those who have to go for work like tourism, trade with Russian algorithms, it is good to know the profound differences that we often take for granted.

Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia and some of its neighboring areas. This search engine is used by web users to quickly search for certain content. By typing a word or a series of words, users carry out a specific search, which will return certain results based on what they are looking for.

Although Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia, it is very much different from Google and also has many different services. One such difference is the way, you can use reverse images search on Yandex.

Follow the below steps to use reverse image search in Yandex

  • The first step is to open any browser in your desktop
  • Then type in the browser’s search box
  • Here you will see a search box and a Camera icon next to it.
    yandex-reverse-image1 yandex-reverse-image-2
  • You can type any name or query in the search box which will display a list of all related images.
  • If you will click Camera option then the following screen appears.
  • You can either select a file option to upload an already download images from your system or drag and drop it here.
  • If you have an image URL for which you want the information, then you can paste it in the Enter Image Address’ search box which located on the right side.
  • By using any of the above options, the Yandex image search engine will show you up all the related information about the image like:
    What the image is about
    From where it is taken
    A various similar type of images in different sizes
    Various sites list where this image is present etc

If you get stuck with the Russian user interface, see Выберите файл (choose file), Введите адрес картинки (enter image address), and Найти (search). After searching, look for Похожие картинки (similar image), and ж похожие (more similar).

The facial recognition algorithms used by Yandex are shockingly good. Not only will Yandex look for photos that look similar to that face, but it will also look for other photos of the same person (determined through matching with completely different lighting, background colors, and positions). While Google and Bing can only look for other photos showing a person with the same

clothes and common facial features, Yandex will search for those matches, and other photos of a facial match as well. Below, you can see how all three services discovered the face of Sergei Dubinsky, a Russian suspect in the fall of MH17.

Yandex found several photographs of Dubinsky from various sources (only two of the top results had people unrelated), resulting in a different form of the original image but showing the same person. Google had no luck, while Bing had the same result (fifth image, second line) that also featured Dubinsky.

Yahoo reverse image search is the process where you want to find more images that are similar to or related to the image you found on the Internet.

For example, with Yahoo reverse image search you can provide a sample image content or keyword and find a copy or modified versions of the same image and websites that the image appears on the Internet.

Or you can find pictures with similar content.

There is a Yahoo reverse image search site where you can use it with an uploaded image. Yahoo Search is powered by Bing.

Two ways to do Yahoo reverse image search

Searching for images on Yahoo is easier and more effective with searching Yahoo images. There are two main ways you can search for images on Yahoo and Yahoo Images.

  1. Go to the Yahoo search engine at
  2. Type in the search term for the images you want to see.
  3. It will return the results of the main websites related to the search terms.
  4. Use the search filter on the left panel to view only image results.


  1. You can go to Yahoo Image Search at
  2. This will only return image results for your search terms.
  3. On the left-hand panel, you can use the search filter to narrow down your search results to what you’re looking for.
  4. With the ‘SafeSearch’ button, you can turn off SafeSearch.
  5. Turning off SafeSearch allows Yahoo Image Search to display content that may be explicit in nature.
  6. The time filter allows you to choose if you want to view recent images.
  7. The quality filter lets you choose if you want to see high-quality images.
  8. By default, Yahoo Image Search displays images of any quality.
  9. To get only high quality, clicking on high quality ‘Yahoo image search yields image results across the Internet.
  10. However, you can only get image results from Flickr or Getty Images by clicking on the relevant link.
  11. The size filter lets you choose the size of the images you want to see.
  12. You can also choose color pictures and without color.

The usage rights filter is probably the most important filter for bloggers and content creators. This filter will only return images that are not bound by copyright laws. Originally labeled for reuse which means you can use the image again in a presentation or in a blog.

Yahoo reverse image search features

Yahoo reverse image search has many advanced options and features such as:

  • Size: All, Small, Medium, Large.
  • Type: All, Photo, Graphics, Animated GIF, Face, Portrait, Non-Portrait, Clipart, Line Drawing.
  • Color: All kinds of different colors.
  • Any license: Any license, public domain, free to share and use, free to share and use commercially, free to modify, share and use, Free to modify, share, and use commercially.
  • Safe Search: On and Off

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