Qnet Latest News & How to Get Money Refund 2023

Qnet is a direct selling multi-level marketing company that is known by various names like GoldQuest, QuestNet, and QI Limited. The company is basically based in Hong Kong and is founded by Vijay Eswaran who is a Malaysian businessman in the year 2008. The main objective of the company in the early days was the direct selling of products like weight management, personal care, fashion products, energy, and home care products online through e-commerce platforms. But slowly the company turned out to a big scam by making many frauds to its customers and members.

Various questions might be coming into your mind like What is Qnet. What are Qnet products What are its schemes? Whether we should be Connected to it or not. So here we are going to give answers to many such questions. Let’s have a look at these various factors.

Qnet started its operation in 1998 in Hong Kong. The founders of Qnet are Vijay Esarvana and Joseph Bismarck. Before its name Qnet, the company was also called GoldQuest and QuestNet.

Qnet was the coin distributor of 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympic games. In the year 2000, Qnet was the main distributor. Along with this, Qnet Coin has also been a distributor at the 2002 FIFA World Cup which gave Qnet the status of a licensed distributor in 89 countries.

Qnet was also the sponsor of the Asian Football Confederation in 2009 and as a result of the Qnet’s sales growth by over 70% between 2007 and 2012.

Qnet MLM Business Plan

Qnet operates in many countries as an MLM and direct selling company. In which people have to buy Qnet products and sell them to their circle or to other people. All those people who sell the product come to the network under the person who connects and sells product and they get more profit by selling their products.

However, Qnet is not really the right MLM company. First of all, the price of the product of Qnet has been kept very high. At least more than 70,000 rupees have to be paid to join Qnet and to take the product.

Qnet Product

Qnet describes itself as an MLM and E-commerce company, so it is most important to look at its product. Initially, Qnet was a distributor of gold and silver coins after that Qnet worked on jewelry.

In 2006, Qnet ran a business of health and nutritional products. Qnet then sold a number of products such as beauty products, Home Appliances, and many more to its distributors. Qnet also purchased a number of resorts and a telecommunication company called QI Comm during this period.

The price of the product of Qnet is seen to be very high and the quality of the product is not correct according to the price. Therefore MLM business cannot be done with Qnet depending on the product.

Qnet India

Qnet is present in more than 30 countries including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE. However, India has the highest number of people joining Qnet.

Qnet has also sponsored IIFA Awards in India, which is its old way of marketing. Qnet has also been the main sponsor of Goa FC. It was due to this sponsorship that Qnet started spreading in India.

Many cases are running in Court on Qnet in India, where the Bombay High Court has declared Qnet as a fraud scheme, in which the money of the people is circulated and people are fooled.

The highest number of cases against Qnet has been registered in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune. It is now known in India as the Qnet Scam. Yet the government has not yet completely banned Qnet. But on a court order, CERT has blocked 4 sites of Qnet in India.

The main Franchise of Qnet are Vihaan Direct Selling Private Limited in India. Against which people have complained.

The truth of Qnet Scam

First of all, let us say that Qnet is a pyramid scheme. They have kept the product only to declare themselves as MLM companies, which are not worth so much as they demand.

So Qnet in the name of MLM but it is not less than Scam. Due to which people have lost their trust from MLM schemes also. Any company that is taking a lot more money than the actual price of the product, then its definitely a pyramid and Ponzi scheme.

Qnet has looted Crores of Rupees of innocent people in India itself.

How to Get a Money Refund from Qnet after 1 month or more

You need to keep your IR number and Registered email ID ready before you submit the Q-net Refund request.

Then you need to change the password and portal and fake email ID which is given to you by upline.

  • IR number
  • Registered email id
  • Purchase confirmation emails with PDF receipts

There are many cases when it is found that IR ID is at Upline end because fake Email ID is usually made by Upline. So first you need to pick that fake email ID.

You can follow the below format of email, before sending the Q-net refund request email:

Subject: IN<QNET ID>-<YOUR NAME>-Want to cancel my the QNET IR membership and get all my money to be refunded

Sent email to below email ids:
To: <support.centre@qnetindia.in>, <global.support@qnet.net>

Dear Sir/Madam

I hereby want to inform you that, I have take membership of QNET and bought many products from the company to do the business and to become part of this Multi-level marketing system. But I will not be able to carry on this membership because of some personal reasons.

So I am sending this email as a request to refund my money which I invested and guide me on the further process so that I can get my money back as soon as possible.

My IR and Transaction details are mentioned below:

IR NAME: …………
IR ID: ………..

List of Product Purchased:
For example:

1) ABCD(HSN Code-1259)- Rs. ……/-
2) WXYZ(HSN Code-2985)- Rs. ……/-
3) PQRS(HSN Code-7412)- Rs. ……/-
4) HJKL (HSN Code-4236)) – Rs. ……/-

Total amount: Rs. ………/-

Payment is done through the Demand draft of BANK ABCD Corp.: DD Number:……
Payment Date: AB-CD-2018

I am also attaching the receipt of purchase and proof of Identification. I have also attached other documents for reference purposes. Please let me know if any more details are needed from my side.

Thanks with Regards

You should follow this above email format for sending the money refund request to Q-NET.

Also, don’t forget to attach the following documents with this email.

Confirmation of Registration
Confirmation of Purchase
PDF document of the “Welcome to the QNET family” letter

This is the basic and simplest e-mail template that you can follow to start the Q-Net refund process. Don’t forget to write to us if you have any further questions and issues regarding this.

We will keep you updating regarding the Q-NET refund process.

To claim a refund from Qnet, it is very necessary that you read the terms and conditions carefully. If you don’t get insight into the full terms and conditions then there are strong chances that your Qnet Refund request will not be accepted.

After you go through all the terms and conditions carefully, you have to send an email to Qnet by mentioning the following points in it.

The main points that you should mention in the email to get a refund are:

  • First, you all should mention to the Qnet that you have been misguided by the upline regarding the Terms and conditions.
  • The second important point to mention is that the products have been purchased through the Qnet website, without the client’s notice (ie means without having an idea to you.
  • You should also clearly mention in the email that you haven’ received any verification message or link, because your original email id is not entered, instead, they used a fake email id and you didn’t receive any verification email.
  • Another point you should mention is that you read all terms and conditions carefully and followed them, but these terms and conditions were not followed by an upline.
  • Another tough step that you sometimes may have to send to Qnet, if you are not getting a refund, is that you can send an email to them and ask them if they will not refund their money, then a legal action might be taken against them.

Qnet Refund Process after 6 months:-

Although it has been clearly mentioned in the Qnet guidelines, you can initial refund requests only within 30 days of the product or service purchase, but in the extreme case, you can follow the above procedure for initiating the request and getting your refund even after 30 days 0r 6 months.

Here we will be helping you with how to get a refund from Qnet, one thing we would like to say about Qnet is that it’s not about investing money, you are only losing money by participating it. So here we will tell, you what exact process should you follow if you want to get your back from Qnet.

First, we would like to tell you that, Qnet is a direct selling company where various products are sold. Everything goes fine until this point, but the real problem starts after that. Because the basic funda of Qnet is that, if you become a member, then you are kind of forced to purchase things after investing and these things are mostly which you are not interested in. Here it becomes the scam.

Although this scam has spread its feet in various countries in the world, it has appeared as a big scam in India, where people agree to spend 5-6 lakhs easily by getting the trust of their friends or close ones. Earlier while becoming a member of this MLM scheme and purchasing items by spending a lot of money, we suddenly realize after a few weeks or every after month that we are struck into a scam as the things which we have purchased are so costly and are mostly of no use to another whom we want to sell them.

So all the products or items which you purchase through Qnet must be purchased either on a global online portal or through Indian Portal. So if the items are purchased in Foreign currency then it means they have been purchased from Global portal and it they are purchased through Indian Rupees, then they are purchased at Indian Portals

So if you have purchased products from the Global portal, then you have only 7 days to get a refund, on the other hand, if you purchased items from Local Portal, then have 30 days periods to send refund requests and to get a refund.

Although there are strong chances to get your refund if you initiate the process of refund within 30 days of purchase especially in India, the real problem starts when this 30 days period passes over.

So to initiate the refund process, you should have your IR id. In most cases, you don’t know your IR id which you can request from the person who approached you to become a member in Qnet and through which you joined it. Otherwise, you get IR id through your Upline or his friend’s Upline.

The IR id looks like this:
IR XXXXXX (Eg. IR 215425)

Now you have to email Qnet through this email id ie support.center@qnetindia.in

  • In the subject of this email, you should clearly mention: Refund of Qnet for IR id (Eg IR 215425)
  • You also have to mention the product details in the mail.
  • You should clearly mention in this mail that you didn’t like this product and are not satisfied with it. So I want to return it and get my money refunded.
  • After mentioning all details like IR id, product details, clearly state in the mail that you don’t want to take the product and want to return it.

The main drawback is that once you initiate the refund process mail, it may take 2-3 or every 6 months before you get your refund back. So be patient.

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  1. I have joined Qnet on dt. 17.06.2020 and got a usd recipt for the products. Till payment made, they kept me everything in suspense and they didn’t said any strategy, once payment made, they are providing one vacation package as product and keep busy with training through webinar till date and today, My mind opened that I am doing something, which is not correct and totally going in different way. I took decision to cancel my membership and asked to refund my money. I send email to Qnet global support center and Qnet India Support center, with copy marked to my upline. I have attached all emails / documents as received from qnet through my upline, then I informed to my sr. partner, after some time he discussed with me to continue and took his upline to convince me and to be continue with Qnet membership, but I didn’t agree and said to refund of the my pai amount of Rs.3.00 Lakhs ( the same was transected in USD), but they said it is not possible, lets see.
    But I have sent emails to all as email address in help of google. today is 30th day of purchase done.
    I am goining throu my financial crisis and unable to manage my house expenses due to job lost and huge EMI to be paid to bank. I had taken personal loan on uplines advise and some portion I had withdrawn from credit card, not which all a liability to me and I do not hold any money to pay.
    If any heartfelt person can help me, kindly let me know the actual process to get my money refund

  2. im still waiting for my money if I don’t get it in 4 weeks its gone be FIR against QNet, Pankaj singh and Atul jain so guys return my ,money as soon as possible

  3. I have been made to join QNET by one of my friend, then i realized it is fraud, yesterday only i have joined and i have sent mail to qnet global help center that i want my refund, because my transaction was in $, so i have only 6 more days to raise refund request. I sent following lines to them with relevant information’s, also received one automated reply with some reference number . So is there nay chance of getting refund to me?
    “I hereby want to inform you that I have taken membership of QNET and bought 2 products from the company to do the business.
    But I will not be able to carry on this membership because of improper guidelines and terms & conditions given by the upper line. Now i realized that i can’t proceed with this kind of business with my financial condition after knowing all terms and conditions.
    So I am sending this email as a request to refund my money which I have invested and guide me on the further process so that I can get my money back as soon as possible directly into my bank account.”

  4. Need to draft a refund mail . Need guidance . Can you please contact me on 9841196502 need urgent guidance as I have only 1 day left to claim my refund .

  5. Hi ,

    Please don’t join this fully fraud just they are selling dream and they know very well that Indian can not take any action agianst them due to bad indian rule,act . I would request you to all before investing money please read india act for 420 or other cheating offence .

    100 % you will not assosiate with any network companies .
    Thanks in Advance !!!!!
    Digvijay Sigh

  6. A friend misled and misguided me into Qnet. Im a Ghanaian. So another Ghanaian friend called me and lied to me that he has joined a company in Ivory Coast (Abijan) and the salary is very good so i should come and join him for the work. He lied to me that the salary is $1000 a week. So if im coming i should come along with $1000 . Part of the money will be used to rent a room for me and other documentations. Upon arrival, he came to met me at the Lorry Station and he took me to a guest house. He asked me to give him the money he asked me to bring. I did not hesitate to do so because he was my close friend so i know he wasnt faking me. After taking the money, he matched me to an office the next day that his boss want to introduce the business to me. We went there and i was told that its an online Marketing called Qnet (Quest Net) . So i asked the boss that im i going to earn $1000 in a week, He said no, unless i also bring people to come along with $1000 to join me in the business. The more i get downlines to come and make purchase, the more i can earn commission on their purchase. I got angry that im not interested in this Business so i want my money. I nearly stabbed my friend for not telling me the truth and misleading into such business. I requested my money and i was told that, they have used it to purchase and product for me. I checked mail and i found out that they have purchased a product called BUSINESS SKILLS (Q-LEARN) for me. Which cost $580 . This is half of the money i paid to my upline. I have been scammed. I came to Abijan on the 10th June 2021. Im almost two months here. There are plenty Ghanaians here who were also misled by their close friends and family members. Plenty people are sleeping in one room with no food to even eat. Please how can i get my refund and go back to Ghana please. Im very stranded.
    My email address is debone624@gmail.com

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