Nuka World Power Plant – How to Find Key and Restore Power

Situated in Nuka-World Amusement Park in the year 2287, Nuka-World power plant is just at the west of Galactic Zone. In the map it can be seen at the northwest part. Because Nuka-World Amusement Park is situated at a hill top, so it can be easily viewed from far.

Background of Nuka-World Power Plant

It was planned to open the park in the year 2050, but before a few months of its opening a meltdown happened on 28 April 2050.  C. Carlson was the first employee of the park to notice this accident but he was sacked from the park. The other employees of the park were asked not to disclose this issue to the outside World due to which the news was not reached to the common people.

Layout of Nuka-World Power Plant

There is a lot of silence in the outside of the power plant but many Feral Ghouts can be found crawling in the outside of the park. There are many turns and twists in the path which leads to the plant although the path is very straight. While going downstairs the plant you may found many other things including:

  • Nuka-mixer stations
  • Nuka-World raiders

A leveled power armor protects the room in the basement. A desk with a terminal and a pool table can be found in the office which is located upstairs. Behind the desk you can see a safe which is located at the corner. You will be able to locate one more safe when you move down towards the ramp.

There is a room on the roof for which you need to have a key if you want to open it. The controls buttons and switches that restores power in the Nuka World are located behind the door. During the Power Play, you have to contact the boss who cheats the Sole Survivor in order to get the key to open the room on the roof. Once you complete the Open Season, you can also be able to open the door.

Places to visit in Nuka World Power Plant

There are about ten best places that you can visit in Nuka World Power Plant and these are:

  • The Power Plant
  • Dry Rock Gulch
  • The Hubologist’s Camp
  • Safari Adventure
  • Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant
  • John-Caleb Bradberton’s Frozen Head
  • Fizztop Mountain
  • Grandchester Mystery Mansion
  • Kiddie Kingdom
  • Galactic Zone

How to turn on Power in Nuka World Power Plant

There are some steps that you must complete if you want to Turn on the Power in Nuka World. First of all you have to check all the sections which are highlighted in the mission ‘The Grand Tour’, and then you must complete. all these sections.

  • There are five main sections in the park. Once you speak to Gage, then you will be able to unlock a very useful choice and also it will increase your stability.
  • Players will be able to engage in the mission of ‘Open Season’ when they speak up with Nuka-World USA market’s Mackinzie Bridgeman.
  • There are three gangs in the Nuka-World plant and a player has to defeat the bosses of all these three gangs.
  • Only then he will be able to move on to the next step which is required to turn the Power On. There are many other options that a player can follow that help him to move to the next step of turning Power ON.
  • If a player helps the ‘Raiders’ and defeats ‘Commonwealth settlements’, the player can trigger a gang uprising.

The player has to follow the below steps once he puts down the uprising.

  • The player can now move on toward the north-west part of the Nuka World Plant in the map after he fulfills all the above prior requirements. As the power plant is located on a top of hill, it is very easy for a player to find the road that goes to the Power Plant.
  • There is a blue door located near the ground floor at the back side of the building and this door leads to the main entry of the Nuka World Power Plant.
  • A player will have to first start by moving towards the downstairs and then has to finally reach the roof in order to finish the game. During the path of the roof you have to follow by moving down, then up, then down and then Up.

In the path towards the roof, you have to face Bloated Glowing Ghoul which you have to fight and hit him down as soon as possible. Also make sure you hit him down from far away.

Once you move close to the Employee terminal and pool table, you will notice a ramp which is located in the dark room next to the roof.

After climbing to the roof, you will see the control room. There you will notice a big white button. Once you press that White Button, the Power of the Nuka-World Plant will be restored.

How to finish the game

You must watch which Gang Leaves and should make a good plan before you discover this.

When a gang leaves and takes control of the power station of the park, then it will be informed by the Shank The Park Power can be restored only after the ‘Open season’ is completed.

Fallout 4 Nuka World Power Plant power armor

In the Fallout 4 of Nuka World Power Plant there are four main Armors which are explained below:

  • OverBoss Power Armor
  • Nuka T-51F Power Armor
  • X-01 MK.3 Power Armor
  • Quantum X-01 Power Armor

OverBoss Power Armor

OverBoss Power Armor is the number one Armor in the game play of Nuka World Power Plant and it is possible to acheive it in the early stage of the game play. There is an OverBoss Colter in Cola Cars Arena and a player has to defeat this Boss, to get OverBoss Power Armor.

Nuka T-51F Power Armor

The next Power Armor is Classic T-51 which can be located in the World of Refreshment. You can find this Armor by going to the river. You have to keep on moving and there you will find a Bar which is at the right of two automatons.  You will easily notice Nuka T-51F Power Armor at the right of these automatons.

X-01 MK.3 Power Armor

The third Power Armor named X-01 MK.3 Power Armor can be located very quickly on the west side of the map. From here you have to move down the bottom floor. And here you will see the door which is locked. X-01 MK.3 Power Armor is situated behind this locked door.

Quantum X-01 Power Armor

The final Power Armor is named Quantum X-01 Power Armor for which you have to finish the Star Control Quest and that will be done once the player gathers 35 Star Cores. The player will be able to obtain this final Power Armor after unlocking the mainframe.

The Last and the best Power Armor so far is the Quantum X-01 MK.5. In order to get your hands on this set, you must complete the ‘Star Control Quest’ where the player collects 35 Star Cores. At the end, you will unlock the Mainframe of the gallery and grab this Power Armor.

Where is the Nuka world power plant key

A key is needed to open the door which is located on the Roof. It is necessary to open this locked door, because the controls that are required to restore the power in Nuka World Plant are inside this locked door. The only way to get the Key is from the boss who deceived the Sole Survivors through Power Play.

Nuka world power plant glitch

While playing the Nuka world power plant and moving towards the roof, you may face various glitches. You can resolve these glitches easily. For example one of the problems you may face is that it sometimes breaks away while playing and it needs to be reloaded and saved many hours back.

To fix this problem, the best solution is that you complete the Open Season mission. You have to defeat all raid leaders when you take the mission after talking to Nuka World’s Mackenzie. So you will be able to complete the Open Season after defeating all the raid leaders.

How to get to the top of the power plant in Nuka world

As mentioned above to finish the Nuka World Power Plant, you have to move to the top and restore the power in the Plant. To move to the top you have to complete a few sections of the park and have to complete the Open Season quest.

You will start the journey to the top by starting from the downstairs and have to kill the bosses of three gangs. By completing all the sections, you will finally reach to the top and will be able to restore the Power in the Plant.

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