NBA 2K24 has arrived sooner than expected, with a leaked release date in late August, making it the fastest cycle for a 2K game ever. In this article, NBA2King will dive into the leaked information and discuss the potential features and changes players can expect from NBA 2K24. From the return of the city to the potential impact of the Victor Webby build and the possibility of cross-platform play, there’s a lot to unpack. Let’s explore what’s in store for the next installment of the popular basketball video game franchise.

The Return of the City:

One significant revelation from the leaked information is the confirmation of the city’s return in NBA 2K24. However, this news might not be received well by the community, as the city’s design in previous games has faced criticism. Many players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the sprawling and empty nature of the city, which lacks the liveliness and vibrancy of previous park environments. Additionally, frame rate issues and difficulty finding games have further added to the negative reception.

While the return of the city is not officially confirmed, the confidence with which Ronnie, a spokesperson for 2K, discusses it in an interview suggests that it is likely to make a comeback. However, it is crucial for 2K to address the concerns raised by the community and design the city in a more player-friendly manner to improve the overall experience.

The Victor Webby Build Dilemma:

Another significant topic mentioned in the leaked information is the potential inclusion of the Victor Webby build in NBA 2K24. This build, with a height of seven feet five inches, currently dominates the game due to its overpowered attributes. However, 2K is hesitant to include it in the game as it might lead to an imbalance where everyone chooses the same build, similar to the demigod builds in previous games.

2K faced a similar challenge when Steph Curry’s long-range shooting emerged as a dominant force in the NBA. They eventually addressed it by introducing shooting mechanics that allowed players to shoot from deep with appropriate badges and takeover abilities. The question now is whether 2K will make changes to accommodate the Victor Webby build or maintain the current build system, which requires players to make trade-offs to excel in certain areas.

The Potential for Cross-Platform Play:

Cross-platform play is a highly requested feature in the gaming community, and the leaked information suggests that NBA 2K24 might finally introduce it. Several other sports titles, including MLB The Show, Madden, and FIFA, have already implemented cross-platform play, making it likely that NBA 2K24 will follow suit.

However, due to the open-world nature of the city and the challenges associated with having players from different platforms on a massive server, implementing cross-platform play might be more complex. Nevertheless, the possibility of playing with friends on different platforms and the potential for a unified game experience across console generations is an exciting prospect that could greatly enhance the overall enjoyment of NBA 2K24. So it is more necessary for to sell NBA 2K24 MT service.


NBA 2K24 is set to be the fastest cycle for a 2K game, with an expected release date in late August. The leaked information has provided insights into some potential features and changes that players can expect. The return of the city, though met with mixed reactions, presents an opportunity for 2K to address previous design flaws and create a more engaging environment for players. The inclusion of the Victor Webby build poses a challenge for maintaining balance in the game, and 2K will need to carefully consider how to approach it. Lastly, the possibility of cross-platform play brings a new level of excitement and community interaction to the game. As we eagerly await the official.