Microsoft Launches Laptop-Surface Book 13.5 inch Display starting from $1,499

Microsoft is bringing the Surface laptop. Yes, you heard it right. Microsoft has launched its first laptop called Surface Book. But the features make us call it more than a laptop. This laptop can easily be used as a tablet as you can remove its screen whenever you want. However, when you want to put the screen back then you can flip it all around. It is convertible with the keyboard strutting it up.


This laptop or specifically called Surface Book has a display of 13.5 inch and 267PPI pixel density. The display bonding to glass makes it look good. According to Microsoft, it is dwelled in magnesium body. Surface Book is a laptop of silver metal and is very different in looks than a MacBook. Nevertheless, the two shares the similarities in the names. The design element making it standing different from crowd is its pivot and is given a name as ‘dynamic fulcrum’. The time it bends, it seems like flex and a slight gap can be seen when Surface Book is closed completely. The moment the Surface Book is flipped to be used as a tablet, the display gets elevated at an angle. There is a button on the side through which display is released and it gets detached from the top of pivot.




The Market Buzz

In terms of types of user, it would be alluring for the people who want a big screen and has great experience of typing on laptop. It also includes the users that want backlit keyboard. The keys are deeper having 1.6 mm travel. This keyboard is creating the maximum buzz in the market as it is termed as ‘perfect’ by Microsoft and will type silently. Additionally, Surface Book has a glass trackpad having five points of sensitive touch.




Why Surface Book?

Obviously, Surface Book will work well with Surface pen stylus of Microsoft. Now, the question arises here, why anyone would use it as a tablet? Microsoft talks about it as ‘digital clipboard’. It further illustrates that it is not the phrase only; it has got all the compelling factors that Surface line has always been used to. It is not a tablet or a laptop. It is an extraordinary and powerful tablet running the desktop Windows. It also does a much appreciating job of transforming into a laptop.




What’s inside?

Another good news from inside is that Surface Book has got Intel Core i5 and i7 processors from Skylake. It has got Nvidia GeForce GPU and GDDR5 memory. It is located in the base. So whenever you have to tap into its power, you need to keep the display dock. It includes the two USB 3.0 ports and an SD card slot.


Battery backup is also great as it can run continuously for 12 hours on single full recharge. Microsoft exclaims- ‘Ounce-for-ounce, pound-for-pound’. It is the fastest 13 inch display laptop ever manufactured here. Surface Book will run twice fast as compared to MacBook Pro.

It will be available for purchase from 26th October and the price starting from $1,499. However, you can pre-order it from 7th October.

Starting at $1499 Pre-order

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