Is Your Android Device getting Marshmallow? If yes, when?

Android 6.0, also known as Marshmallow, is already a buzz in the market. Google has made it handful to some of the Nexus devices. But, what it is about the remaining ones?

There are millions of users who are waiting for the third party manufacturers to upgrade. Good news is that some companies such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony and T-Mobile have already out planned to present the latest and the greatest Android version. Not all the users would be happy but definitely the one who gets it would be. The companies that have not made the announcement of upgrading it might make it over the next few weeks.


What Companies Have to Say?

Google has already aired the upgraded version in Nexus devices. Marshmallow will be available in some of the HTC devices by the end of this year. According to Motorola, all of the devices will get the upgraded version of Android. But there are no dates of its availability. Sony said that the company is working on delivering it but could not share the delivery dates.

T-Mobile has unraveled the list of devices with marshmallow. Another good attempt by T-Mobile is the update stage of the devices that company is working upon. This step has been greatly appreciated by the users.
There is still some due information from other companies that will be updated from time to time over the coming weeks.

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