Ray of Hope of Life on Mars as NASA Claims to Find Liquid Water

NASA scientists on Monday said that water (one of the main components of living) flows across the surface of Mars. The scientists are consistently working to seek out the life beyond earth and the human anticipate traveling the planet some day.



However, this discovery does not imply any evidence of life on Mars planet but it really boost up the hopes that it definitely provides harbor for micro organisms to exist. John Grunsfeld who is associate administrator for Science Mission Directorate at NASA iterated that the existing liquid water is super salty brine water; it gives us the possibility that surely there is life on Mars and after this search we get the way to describe the way of life survival.

Researchers at NASA used an imager on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter ascertained the runny flow through light waves arrived from seasonal dark bands back on the surface, is supposed to be actually associated with liquid water.

What Theory Says?

There is a process which is called deliquescence confirming the existence of liquid water. The process involves the bands that absorb light of certain wavelengths related to some chemicals that pull water from atmosphere of Mars. This process was described by a doctoral student at Georgia Tech, Lujendra Ojha. He was the first one to discover the bands when he was an undergraduate student in Arizona University in 2011.

The associated chemicals permit the water to be liquid at lower temperatures and also prevent it from boiling off in thin atmosphere of Mars as per the studies of researchers.

Lead scientist of Mars Exploration Program at NASA, Michael Meyer said that the water source is still a mystery. The water source is unclear and it is supposed to be clear through theories of deliquescence, liquid water aquifer or even a melting sub surface ice.

The research till now will be presented in a paper in this week at European Planetary Science Congress, France. This is not the first time when water was discovered on Martian surface.


Life Beyond Earth

For many years the scientists were known of the fact that frozen water exist at the poles in thin atmosphere of Mars. In the latest findings it has been discovered in tiny puddles that are suspected to form during night.
It is not the first clue for the existence of life on Mars. Earlier methane was detected in Mars atmosphere along with the presence of other chemicals. According to Mary Beth Wilhelm, the researcher at NASA, conditions now seem to be more favorable for existence of life. However, the question of ‘How Habitable’ is still unanswered.
Alfred McEwen heading up the high resolution camera HiRISE aboard Mars Orbiter claimed confidently about the existence of life on Mars. He also said that there is a possibility of existence of life in the crust of Mars.
Director of planetary science at NASA, Jim Green said that this discovery has put the scientists in perfect position to seek out for the odds of life.

Does life exist beyond the earth or not? This question seems to be answered now after the discovery of primary element of life on Mars. Further Green said that they have great opportunity as they are in the precise locations on Mars to probe into it thoroughly.

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