How To Make Google Maps As Default On iPhone

How To Make Google Maps As Default On Iphone 13

Ever since the launch of iOS 9, Apple has withdrawn access to Google Maps or any third-party app to set as default for viewing the maps on iPhone. iPhone users are forced to use Apple Maps as their default app. However, it is quite inconvenient for some users to switch their habit of using Apple … Read more

How to Invert Colors on iPhone and iPad

How to invert colors on iPhone

In your iPhone there are a lot of features that are very useful and you didn’t even know about. One of such features is ‘Invert Colours’ Feature. Apple gives this amazing feature of inverting the colours to help you adjust the colours of your phone according to your comfort and situation. Some people prefer to … Read more

How to Shorten a Video on iPhone

How To Shorten a Video on iPhone

Well, you may need to shorten a Video on your device for various reasons. Like, if you don’t need the starting portion of the video, or you recorded the last few seconds mistakenly, or even shot the wrong scene. In such cases you may need to trim your video. So, if you want to trim … Read more

How to Change Sim Card in iPhone

How To Change Sim Card In iPhone

All the models of the iPhone come with SIM card slots. SIM or Subscriber Identity Module card is a small size chip that provides a network to your device. Every iPhone model has the facility to insert a SIM card inside the model. Anyone can easily remove, insert or change the SIM card in their … Read more

How To Forward a Text Message on iPhone


Your iPhone has better and more options than you know. There are a number of options that are still unknown to some people. Like, to forward a text, or to show some important message to someone, people take the screenshots and send it to the concerned person which is totally useless. The person can’t use … Read more

How to Send Voice Message on iPhone 14

On iPhone, you get various multimedia options to share your message or information in various formats. This multimedia can be anything like photos, videos, GIFs, stickers, or even voice messages. Through your iPhone, you can send your voice messages in simple steps. What is voice messaging? When you send any information or message recorded in … Read more