Recently, induction stoves, popular as induction cooktops, have become an innovative and smart kitchen solution. An induction stove is a kitchen appliance similar to a gas stove, the difference being the former works on electricity. Technological advancements have led to induction cooktops equipped with the latest utilities that help you reduce your cooking time and make it an easy and convenient activity. Induction stoves are in high demand due to their easy connectivity and optimum control in the user’s hand. They come with several cooking modes and are available online and offline, offering you the power to choose the best that suits your needs and requirements.

How to Use an Induction Stove in Smart Cooking?

Use your induction cooktops smartly while you cook healthy and tasty meals, using the following suggestions:

●     Select the Right Cooking Mode

As the latest induction cooktops come with multiple cooking modes ranging from deep fry to boil and to pressure cook, selecting the right cooking mode becomes the most important. These modes are designed considering the varied cooking needs of a regular household. You must identify which mode suits you best for a particular delicacy and select the cooking mode accordingly. Selecting the right mode ensures even heating, optimum temperature, and ease of cooking. Use the control panel appropriately to select the right cooking mode for a seamless cooking experience.

●     Set Timer with Precision

To achieve the perfect cooking results, precisely set the timer on your induction stove. Setting a precise timer ensures that your food is cooked optimally, leaving no chance for overcooking or undercooking. For instructions on a timer, go through the user manual of the induction cooktop, and get a fair idea of the time you need to set for a particular cooking method. Thus, it gives you the confidence to multitask, as you can focus on other chores and let the stove cook your dish independently. The stove shuts off automatically once the timer goes off, ensuring food safety.

●     Regulate Heat and Wattage

Regulating the heat and wattage of your induction cooktop is necessary for optimal and even cooking ingredients. Different meals demand different temperatures to be cooked in, thus regulating the heat of your induction cooktop using the control panel. It results in fine-tuning your induction’s temperature and wattage with the required temperature, guaranteeing optimal heat distribution. You can increase or lower the heat of the induction, thereby having better control over your cooking techniques.

●     Select Smart Cookware

While using an induction, always opt for induction-compatible cookware. Look for cookware made of stainless steel, cast iron or at least labelled, induction-ready. Using smart cookware that includes properties that match the electromagnetic field of the induction stove ensure even cooking of ingredients, keeping their nutritional value, colour and flavours intact. Smart cookware that is induction-ready ensures the best performance for a durable period and helps prevent energy loss.

Things to Consider While Buying Induction Cooktop

Following are a few factors that you need to keep in mind when purchasing an induction cooktop for your kitchen:

  • Consider all the technical specifications, including appliance dimensions, control panel features, power consumption, etc., while making a final decision.
  • Check the safety features of the induction cooktop and whether they are in sync with the standard protocols.
  • Consider the size of the induction stove; it should match your cooking habits and should accommodate appropriately in your kitchen.
  • Consider the warranty period, price compared to features offered, and the appliance’s different power and cooking modes.


If you plan to purchase an induction stove, now is the time. Since you have multiple options, choose the appliance that suits your requirements and budget. Check for the safety features of the appliance, calculate the cost-benefit ratio, and then, accordingly, take your decision. With the latest technology, induction cooktops are a revolution in kitchen appliances, making cooking an easy and convenient activity even for beginners. So, grab an opportunity now, and get your induction cooktop today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the use of induction cooktops safe for our health?

Induction cooktops are built and designed keeping user health in mind. Most induction cooktops are built around standard health standards regulated by concerned authorities in the country, so it is safe to use them.

2. Is an induction stove eco-friendly?

An induction cooktop heats your ingredients much faster, reducing cooking time and limiting power consumption. The electromagnetic radiation heats your cooking vessels faster, with no heat loss leading to no wastage of energy, making it an eco-friendly option.

3. How to clean and maintain induction cooktops?

After cooking, switch the power supply off, and let the stove cool, bringing it to room temperature. After that, gently swipe the cooktop with a clean damp cloth and scrap the food remnants, if any. You can also use a mild cleansing agent in this process.