How WhatApp Pay Works and How to Link with Bank Account

Whatsapp has launched new UPI payment feature for Indian users which is available for
Android and ios beta users and not launched officialy but it is likely to out for
official use very soon.

WhatsApp payment feature is based on UPI and by using it, the users can send or receive
money from anywhere.

As you know, the number of Whatsapp users in India is in Millions and this feature is
based on UPI which is used by almost all mobile users. So the launch of WhatsApp payment
feature will increase the use of digital payment.

How WhatsApp Payment feature Works?

Whatapp pay feature will work on your phone like all other popular money transfer apps
like google pay, phone pe, paytm, bhim upi etc. And for transfering and receiving payment
from anyone through WhatsApp pay, you have to link your Whatsapp number to the bank

  • It has the same process like other UPI apps, means, the number you have on your Whatsapp
    must be connected with bank account.
  • You also need to have debit card or ATM card.
  • Your sim of your registered mobile number with bank, should be inserted into your phone.
  • The person, you want to transfer money, should also have his Whatsapp number linked with
    the bank account.

In this way you will be able to use Whatsapp pay for transfering money like google pay,
paytm etc.

How to use WhatsApp Payment Feature?

Now we will explain in details, how you can use the WhatsApp payment feature.

  • To use WhatsApp pay, first of all you have to update your Whatsapp and this update is
    currently only for beta Users.
  • After Updating Whatapp, open it and Go to Setting.
  • In setting, you will see “Payments” option.
  • After you click on Payment option, you have to link your bank account.
  • Here you will see a long of all major banks.
  • You have to select your bank from this list.
  • After selecting your bank, it will be linked to your WhatsApp.
  • When you have linked your bank account, go to the Chat of the friend you want to transfer
  • Now click on the attachment icon.
  • Then you will see payment option.
  • After Clicking this option, you will be abl to send money to your friends or contacts.

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