Step to wash your hair

  1.  Wet your scalp and hair.
  2. Apply little amount of shampoo – Just remember a squirt about quarter size is sufficient.
  3.  Massage the shampoo on your scalp – While massaging, do not get too hard with your scalp.
  4.  Rinse properly – Rinse your hair properly and make sure that there is no bubble or foam going down drain.
    Let your hair get dry with towel.
  5.  Comb carefully. Use a comb with wide tooth. Do not pull off or tug down. Be soft, otherwise it will break the hair.
  6. Dry your hair air. Hair dryers are not suggestible as they make your hair rough.

If you do not rinse off the shampoo properly out of hair then it may make your scalp dry, itchy and flaky. It can also be because of dandruff. Dandruff is easily identifiable. If you have dandruff then on scratching your head, the skin flakes off and gets on clothes. On dark clothes it is more easily noticeable. There are many shampoos available and you can easily & conveniently buy from your near store. You may also consult your doctor or dermatologist to get the prescription for the best shampoo. Proper nutrition, regular scalp care, and avoiding excessive heat or chemical damage can help maintain Best hair growth products

The frequency of washing hair depends on your routine and the type of your hair. If your hair get oily very soon then obviously it need to be washed more frequently. Straight hair is washed frequently as compared to curly hair as it gets oily too quickly. So, curly hair is not washed that often. In case your hair is curly or thick then it would get dry and kinky. So, you should better use conditioner after you wash your hair with shampoo. What conditioner actually does? The point is your hair is dead already and the use of conditioner makes it look better.
Be careful while protecting your hair. Your hair may get damaged or may break or may get too dry while applying all of these things. So be extra careful.

Things to Consider

  1. To protect your hair from direct exposure of sun, wear a hat while you go outside.
  2. You are advised to wash your hand properly after you get out of the swimming pools as it contains chlorine.
  3. Avoid the treatments and products that make your hair curly or straight or colored.
  4. Use the things carefully that make your hair look stylish such as straightening rod, curling rod and hair dryer.

Split ends are the most common damage to hair. Observe your hair very closely and you would find the end split. As the hair is dead so you cannot repair the split ends and the ultimate solution is to cut them off.
If you are troubled about your scalp or hair